Where to go to Stavropol with friends and family?

The city of Stavropol, located on the territory ofRussian Federation, is not only an industrial and business, but also a cultural center of the whole region. In this village there is a huge number of places for entertainment of different subjects. Where can I go to Stavropol with a child?


To date, it has become difficult for childreninterest in banal sports, such as tennis or football. Therefore, the kids are trying to find more and more new activities. One of the most popular sports today is go-karting, which involves riding a miniature sports car. Going karting, the child not only receives a lot of pleasures and positive emotions, but also from an early age improves his physical development.

Entertainment center "Moskvik"

Every weekend in the center there are variousAnimated programs, which can see absolutely everything. After all, the performances are completely free. In addition, in "Moskvik" regularly held all sorts of competitions in which children receive worthy prizes. Also the institution is equipped with various slot machines and has its own kitchen. Therefore, kids do not have to be distracted from their games.

Entertaining center "Ostrovok"

Where to go to Stavropol with a child? In the Islet. The institution belongs to a family cafe. Therefore it is equipped with a huge game room for children. In this place, kids can climb through a tangled maze, play aerobooks or video games, and ride on a swing or slide.

Sports and entertainment center "Southern Front"

Paintball has become one of the favorite entertainment forpeople of different ages. This team game allows you to participate in competitions to the whole family, making its members closer to each other. On the huge territory of the center there are several sites with different levels of complexity. Therefore, children of any age can play paintball. In addition, the center includes a large recreation area. There is a brazier, gazebos and entertainment for those who are waiting for their turn.

where to go in stavropol

Circus "Branch"

Where to go to Stavropol with children? In the circus "Branch". Probably, there is no child who would refuse to see the animals. Especially since in the Stavropol institution visits to circuses with various incredible shows very often come. Therefore, visiting the circus will always give the kids new emotions and impressions.

where you can go to Stavropol


In Stavropol are just two such institutions,one of which is called "Zoekzatarium." In this place unusual species of animals are collected. Therefore, if the child is no longer interested in treating ordinary animals, it can always be surprised at the second zoo.

where to go to Stavropol with children

Amusement park

Where can I go to Stavropol for a walk? In good weather, it is recommended to visit the central park of the city. In this place the most various and fascinating attractions are collected. Therefore, every kid can find entertainment to his taste.

Puppet Theatre

Amazing performances that are played out by puppets will always be of interest to children. At the same time, visits to such establishments will help parents to introduce children to culture from early childhood.


Where can you go to Stavropol to relax with friends and a girl? For young and active residents and tourists of the city there are a lot of places where you can spend your free time.

So, in Stavropol several billiards and bowling alleys are open at once. In each of them a pleasant atmosphere reigns, contributing to a complete rest.
For fans of evening recreation opened immediatelyseveral night clubs. For example, "Friday" is very popular. The club has the opportunity not only to have fun with friends, but also to arrange a romantic date for your second half.

Where to go with a girl in Stavropol? You can go to the "Z-club". There, young people dance to the music of professional DJs. One of the most unusual clubs is Panamera, since it is located at a depth of 6 meters below the ground. In this place there is only the most modern technology, which makes music incredible.

where you can go to stavropol to walk

Regional Museum of Fine Arts

Where to go for a cultural holiday? Lovers of calm and measured leisure will also find several places. For example, the Regional Museum of Fine Arts. It is located in a large house. Therefore, holds a large number of exhibits. In addition to the daily exhibition, the theater regularly hosts theater performances, concerts, festivals and similar spectacular productions.

where to go with a girl in Stavropol

Local History Museum

Where to go in Stavropol? In the museum of local lore. In this place are all kinds of collections of exhibits. At the same time, they all differ in the subject and have their own separate stories. For example, in the museum you can see the paleontological collection or archaeological finds of the early Scythian time.

Drama theatre

Theatrical productions are aimed at the modernthe viewer. Therefore, the repertoire is clearly chosen every month. New performances take place in this place every day. Therefore, it will be always interesting to visit the theater.


Now it is clear where to go in Stavropol. Of course, this is not all places in which you can visit this amazing city. In addition to all kinds of institutions, the city is famous for its huge number of attractions. For example, all tourists are recommended to visit the memorial of Eternal Glory, the Guardian Angel monument, the Alexander Square, the fountain "Bathing Children", and the Kazan Cathedral. Each of these places has its fascinating history, which goes back to the distant past.

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