Where to go to relax?

Each of us dreams of rest. Going on vacation, we get up to a choice - to rest, without going anywhere, or to plunge into a completely different atmosphere?

Take a vacation, occasionally getting out to the country with hunting and fishing, or go abroad? Where to go to relax?

Leisure activities

So, if you decide where you can go to relax, then we offer you the following types of recreation:

Alpine skiing tourism

This type of recreation began to develop not so long ago and immediately became popular with people leading an active lifestyle. As a rule, all ski resorts have:

  • well-equipped trails and a developed system of lifts
  • all necessary equipment and instructors
  • comfortable hotels
  • numerous bars and restaurants with entertainment programs

An important condition for ski tourism is considered good weather and steady snow cover. In addition, all vacationers in the mountains receive as a gift beautiful, unique landscapes, fresh air and remoteness from the city bustle. The most popular ski resorts are resorts in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Italy, Germany, Canada and Bulgaria.In Russia, resorts in the South Urals, the North Caucasus and the Altai are popular.

Beach tourism

This type of recreation is necessary for both children and adults, because it is a beneficial effect on the entire body. Resorts that offer beach holidays usually provide vacationers:

  • magnificent beaches (located both near the cities and on the islands)
  • comfortable hotels
  • various restaurants and bars
  • excursion programs
  • riding on boats and yachts

If you think where to go to relax on the beach, then choose the resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Tunisia. If you want a serene beach holiday, then look for it in the Maldives, Hawaii, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic, and if you want exotic things, then go to the shores of Cuba, Bali, Thailand and Mexico. In Russia, the most popular are pebble beaches of the Crimea and the coast of Sochi.

Excursion tourism

One of the most popular types of recreation among lovers of history and architecture, as in one trip you can get acquainted with the culture of one or several countries at once. The usual sightseeing trip includes:

  • sightseeing
  • transfer and excursion service
  • stops in comfortable hotels
  • transportation by ferry with entertainment programs

If you are going to take a sightseeing tour, then do not take small children with you, since such a journey will be a burden to them. Of the countries that should go in the first place, usually choose France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and the countries of Scandinavia. In Russia, sightseeing tours include trips to St. Petersburg and the cities of the Golden Ring, as well as pilgrimage tours of Orthodox shrines.

Health tourism

The most sought-after form of recreation among the older generation who have decided to improve their health. There are 4 types of medical resorts:

  • mud (at deposits of therapeutic mud)
  • balneological (with mineral waters)
  • climatic (mountain, forest, seaside)
  • mixed (different types of medical resources)

As a rule, such health centers treat the widest range of diseases of the digestive organs, lungs, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, diseases in the field of oncology, hematology and cardiology. Before you go to rest in a sanatorium, be sure to consult with your doctor.Where can I go to relax? Health resorts of the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary), Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Greece, Ukraine, and Spain are known all over the world. Everyone knows and Russian health resorts: Caucasian Mineral Waters, Essentuki, Sochi, Anapa.

Extreme tourism

This type of recreation is developing by leaps and bounds, and people who love to take risks choose it. In order to engage in extreme tourism, you must have good psychological and physical training, as well as be able to choose the appropriate weather conditions. If you do not intend to engage in extreme tourism all the time, then all the equipment and clothing can be rented. There are the following types of recreation:

  • caving (descent to the caves)
  • mountaineering and rock climbing (climbing mountains and rocks)
  • rafting (descent on rapids)

Extreme tours are most often organized in mountainous areas. Among foreign countries can be distinguished Canada, China, India, Nepal, Switzerland, Austria, and in Russia the most dizzying tours are offered in Altai, Karelia and in the Caucasus.

Cruise tourism

This type of tourism completely solves the problem, where you can go to relax, as in the complete absence of age restrictions, it combines rest, entertainment and excursions in the cities.Cruise liners offer a wide selection:

  • bars, casinos, restaurants
  • gyms and pools
  • evening entertainment programs
  • different types of cabins

The duration of cruise tours varies from several days to several months. Abroad cruises in the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands, Australia and New Zealand, and in Russia - in the cities of the Golden Ring are popular.

Youth and children's tourism

This kind of recreation is popular among students and children for its usefulness, unforgettable and cheerfulness. Among the most popular proposals in the field of this tourism are:

  • children's health camps
  • educational and entertainment tours
  • language tours

Usually this kind of recreation includes games, excursions, discos, sports activities. In language tours, the organizers are usually language schools, and in children's camps, caregivers and counselors look after the children. The most popular foreign children's camps are in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and in Russia - on the Black Sea coast. Language schools exist in the UK, Malta, USA, Cyprus, Spain and Switzerland.

Exotic tourism

If you do not know where to go to rest, then we offer the following types of recreation for your choice, which are still little known, but are already popular:

  • carnival tourism (in Italy and Brazil)
  • shopping tourism (in Italy, UAE, China, Finland, Greece)
  • sex tourism (in Thailand, Holland, Germany and Cuba)
  • wine tourism (in France, Spain, Portugal, Moldova, Italy)
  • safari tourism (in Africa, New Zealand and Australia)
  • regatta (in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Croatia)
  • rural tourism (in Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy)
  • ethnic tourism (in New Guinea, Brazil, Chile, Mongolia)

Such tours are usually taken by people who want to experience new sensations, plunge into an unusual atmosphere and realize their own originality.

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