Where to go on a honeymoon trip?

An offer has been made, the wedding day has been appointed, two families surround pleasant chores. How much you need to have time to prepare the bride and groom for this significant day! Careful preparation includes planning your honeymoon ...

Where to go on a wedding trip: rest for every taste

It is no secret that all people are different with their own characteristics and ideas about the perfect holiday for two. Some people prefer a fun holiday with a lot of entertainment, others expect romance from a honeymoon trip, while others generally want to retire with their spouse somewhere in the paradise of the world. We present you three completely different options for an unforgettable honeymoon trip.


If you are tired of the long preparations for the wedding, of the eternal worries and troubles of the bustling city and pondering where to go on a honeymoon trip, we recommend that you consider the option of relaxing in the Seychelles.

This is a real tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.Honeymoon will turn into a fairy tale. Everything that you saw in the pictures will come true: snow-white sandy beaches, palm trees, bright tropical greens and the endless ocean.

In the honeymoon in the Seychelles, you can stay in a bungalow on a separate island, where staff will arrive only in strictly allocated hours. Just imagine how long you have dreamed about relaxing with your loved one so that nobody would disturb you! A fabulous paradise with the terms of a five star hotel and nights under the moon just for you two!

If you want to go to the same paradise, then you can visit the Seychelles, but prefer a holiday with fun, then on your honeymoon you can go diving, fishing for colorful tropical fish, windsurfing or water skiing. Trips on a boat, hang-glider or entertainment in casinos and bars - all you need for mischievous newlyweds.


A beach holiday in a hot country at the most affordable price is, of course, Turkey with the Mediterranean coast. Clean Mediterranean sea, sandy beaches, and a huge selection of hotels, depending on the preferences and possibilities of tourists.

Turkey hotels usually offer all-inclusive food, gyms, tennis courts, bars, saunas and fun animations. A huge number of excursions for a small price (bargain!), Shopping in Antalya, jeep safari and diving - all this is Turkey!

Where to go on a wedding trip this party-goers? Of course, the city of Marmaris in Turkey! Incendiary parties and discos until the morning, the amazing nightlife of Marmaris - isn't it just a dream of the newlyweds?


We turn from a beach holiday to a trip to Europe. You will have to fork out for such a honeymoon, but you will be provided with unforgettable romantic holidays for two! The sea and the calm, mild climate of Italy, modern culture and ancient art monuments are a unique combination.

Italy and Rome - that's where you can go on a honeymoon trip! Roam with your sweetheart (s) along the paths of Rome, visit museums, each of which is a legend. Spend the first days of the honeymoon to the study of the monuments of architecture of antiquity and the Renaissance in Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples. Then give yourself a break and enjoy the coast of Italy.Do not forget to consider a cheerful holiday for the newlyweds in the resorts of the Adriatic Riviera: noisy bars and restaurants, night clubs with parties until the morning, amusement parks, and all this in the picturesque landscapes of Italy.

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