Where to go in Omsk?

Siberian settlements very often attract travelers. Omsk is one of the largest cities located in Western Siberia. Today, Omsk is increasingly called the largest industrial center of our country. But in addition to the above industrial, as well as manufacturing enterprises in the city, you can find a huge number of cultural, educational, educational, and entertainment places. Omsk can offer a variety of opportunities so that the traveler can calmly and unobtrusively spend time, listen to the educational program, relax culturally and actively. So where to go in Omsk and what to see?

What can and should be visited in Omsk

The most popular place in the city is the Central Park of Recreation, consisting of a unique complex of all kinds of entertainment attractions, venues for concerts, which often feature celebrities, recreational areas, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes. Near the park you can see a huge water park, on the territory of which the visitor will be able to find a considerable number of special water slides, which will lead to the delight of both children and adults.Just imagine the snow outside the window while you are riding a water slide.

Where to go to rest in Omsk?

People who live in the city, as well as guests with children, often visit the famous Soviet Park. In addition to the well-known rides, you can find here sports fields, on the territory of which all kinds of competitions for kids are constantly held. Inside the park you can easily find a considerable number of children's cafes and restaurants.

If you want to replenish your erudition in the field of the history of victory in the Great Patriotic War, you can go to the famous museum complex dedicated to this event in Omsk. On the territory of the memorial you will see amazing expositions - military equipment, military weapons, drawn panoramas, as well as government documents that tell about the conduct of various battles.

Also a cognitive and cultural place is a literary complex dedicated to FM. Dostoevsky Here in the territory of several halls you will see a lot of information about poets and writers of the golden age. Much attention is paid here to the life and work of the writer Dostoevsky, who visited the city of Omsk.

For those who love cultural events on the territory of Omsk will be able to find a huge number of all kinds of theaters that operate in various genres. The most popular of them is the Omsk Drama Theater, which offers performances of completely different genres.

In the evening, guests and residents of the city can enjoy the embankment of the city and the beauty of the Irtysh River. There is a huge amount of entertainment, there is a river station located on the shore, from which you can go on excursions and pleasure trips on a water vessel.

For those who do not like walking, the city can offer comfortable restaurants, cafes, as well as coffee shops. Here you can talk over a cup of herbal tea with your friend, a big company to spend a holiday. Today the number of such establishments is huge, the visitor can choose according to his wishes exotic or traditional cuisine.

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