Where to get a passport?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
March 30, 2015
Where to get a passport?

Passport is the main document confirming the identity of Russian citizens outside the Russian Federation.

In our article we will consider in detail where to get the international passport of both the old and the new type.

Where to turn

The FMS, the Office of the Federal Migration Service, deals with issues of obtaining and replacing foreign passports. Each city, republic and region of the Russian Federation has its own Federal Migration Service, which provides services at the place of residence of citizens. Public services in general are understood to be the activities of government bodies carried out within the framework of legislative powers.

Very many public services are today in electronic format. This method of processing a document is by far the most popular among the population; indeed, it is possible to issue a state service without leaving your home. Over 70% of citizens are registered on the site and order public services via the Internet.So an application for an old / new passport can be submitted personally or through a legal representative. For more information, read the section of the website of public services on obtaining passports.

In addition to obtaining a passport through, you can also sign up for a vehicle inspection, apply for a driver's license, check for unpaid fines, and more.

You can either take the forms for the application either at the Department of the Federal Migration Service of your city, or download it on the official website / portal of the Federal Migration Service or you can find them on the public services portal, which also contains a detailed sample of the form filling, as well as a list of required documents.

Next, we highlight some of the similarities and differences in the passports of the old and the new generation.

Similarities and differences of passports

Both types of passport have the same legal force, they differ in terms of validity - 5 and 10 years, the size of state duty, as well as the peculiarities of filling out an application.

So in the application form for a passport, you specify information about work experience and the current workplace. However, it is not required to certify the paper in the personnel department at the place of work, as it was before.Also, the new standards do not require the provision of a labor book.

An important difference in the passport of a new generation (biometric) is the impossibility of entering data on minor children. When you make an old passport, you can enter your children under the age of 14 years in it. If you chose a biometric passport, it will also be necessary to issue a passport for each minor child.

Detailed information on filing, waiting times and the required documents can be found at.

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