Where is vitamin A?

The next 15-20 minutes will be devoted to the conversation about the firstopen vitamin scientists - it's vitamin A. It's no coincidence that he got his name from the first letter of the alphabet. We will discuss what forms of this vitamin exist, where vitamin A is contained, how to keep it in products and increase the probability of assimilation.

Vitamin A and its forms

And the forms are distinguished by two:

  1. Retinol is actually vitamin A in its original form;
  2. Carotene is a provitamin A, which is not a vitamin in nature, but it transforms into it as soon as it enters the human body.

Vitamin A refers to fat-soluble vitamins,which means the need for a certain (adequate) amount of fat, as well as other minerals (beta-carotene, for example) for its successful assimilation. Fat solubility means that this vitamin does not dissolve in water. Then you will see that vitamin A is found in animal and plant foods. If the animal food already has a sufficient amount of fat, then the vegetable is poor. What does it mean? To assimilate vitamin A from plant products (in particular, from fruits and vegetables) it is necessary to consume them with a certain amount of fat (with vegetable oil, sour cream, yogurt).

A certain part of vitamin A is destroyed whenwatering products with boiling water, while cooking and preserving. If vitamin A is preserved during heat treatment, it can further collapse, being in prolonged contact with oxygen.

Where does vitamin A: products

  • Vegetable products contain provitamin A(carotene). These are vegetables and fruits of orange flowers (it is carotene that gives this color). You will find it in carrots, pumpkins, apricots, peaches, mangoes, sweet peppers. There is it in greenery: green onions, parsley, spinach. Also found in broccoli, laminaria, hips, in sorrel, oats. Remember the rules of their use.
  • Products of animal origin containactually vitamin A (retinol). Of course, the record holder for the content of this vitamin is fish oil and liver. In second place in the content - natural butter. Where else contains vitamin A? This egg yolk, whole milk and cream; caviar and sour cream. Contains vitamin A in cottage cheese, cheese of solid varieties (for example, Parmesan).

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