Where is the Luxembourg Garden? History

Paris is an amazing city filled with beautiful buildings and parks. The famous Tuileries Park can be called the most famous in the city. But the beautiful Luxembourg Garden, perhaps, is the most favorite place not only of the Parisians themselves, but of the guests of the city. No wonder they even mentioned Hugo and Balzac in their works.


Luxembourg Garden is located on the left bank of the Seine. Not far from it are the Sorbonne University and the Latin Quarter. There are always a lot of students on his lawns who finish writing their assignments, and along the avenues of the park mothers and grandmothers walk with their little ones. The park is always calm and peaceful atmosphere, there are always a lot of people. The garden is an oasis of peace and quiet among the bustle of Paris. The atmosphere of the park is very accurate in his song conveyed by Joe Dassin. Since its inception, the Luxembourg Garden has become a favorite place for Parisians of all ages. Years and centuries go by, and the alleys of the park are still crowded with people.

Garden history

Like any famous landmark, the Luxembourg Garden in Paris has its own history. A beautiful park appeared thanks to the whims of Marie de Medici. It was she who ordered the garden to be laid out in 1611. This event occurred shortly after the death of her husband Henry IV, who was stabbed to death by a religious fanatic. Marie de Medici was crowned, at her huge request, literally one day before the unfortunate event. As a result, she changed her faith for the sake of the French throne. Overnight, she became regent with her son, gaining unlimited power.Luxembourg Garden

Marie de Medici grew up in beautiful Florence, so Paris seemed incredibly sullen and cold to her. After gaining power, she immediately ordered the arrangement of a beautiful park and a palace that would remind her of what she was accustomed to in Florence. To do this, Maria Medici acquired the former estate of the deceased at that time, Duke Pine, who was a representative of the Luxembourg family. It is for this reason that the castle and the park got their name. So the name of the duke was immortalized and received world fame. If the Luxmebugsky Garden were not laid out on the territory of his estate, then hardly anyone would have remembered his name even a hundred years later.

Initially, the park was planned to be planted with a large number of trees, to arrange many reservoirs and to break numerous flower beds. For all this it was necessary to have water, so the aqueduct was built. Even to this day, much has come that was conceived and brought to life in that era.

The palace was built for fifteen years. He still appears to us in the form of an openwork Tuscan castle. During the construction, all the wishes of Marie de Medici, who wanted to get a palace that resembled her native Florence, were carried out.

Fountains of the Luxembourg Garden

It is worth noting that the main objects of the garden are numerous ponds. At the time, the center of the park composition was planned to have a large central fountain; it remains the main place in the park to this day. The pond is surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped ramp with flower terraces.luxembourg garden in paris

To this day, even the most famous and romantic fountain of the garden called the Medici has been preserved. The pond was built by Salomon Debros (architect of the palace) in 1624. On the other side of the complex is a bas-relief - Leda and the Swan. And the frontal part of the fountain itself is more like a pond, which is inhabited by fish.

In addition, the garden has a fountain of the observatory, which was created by several architects at once.The center of the whole composition is four girls, on whose shoulders the earthly sphere rests. The figures of women personify the four continents on Earth. But Australia was deliberately not included in the composition, because, in the opinion of the authors, it would violate all harmony.

Not yet fully equipped park, in the seventeenth century, already enjoyed great popularity among the inhabitants of Paris. In general, the garden has experienced a variety of times. After the Great French Revolution noble prisoners walked around it, and the palace itself became an elite prison. It was during this period that the park area acquired its current size, since the revolutionaries joined the lands of the neighboring monastery to it. Currently, the Luxembourg Garden covers an area of ​​about 26 hectares.Dassin Luxembourg Garden

For free visit the park was opened only in the eighteenth century. Famous celebrities like Denis Diderot and Jean-Jacques Rousseau liked to walk along its alleys.

Garden and celebrities

It is worth noting that the park in its history has seen quite a few celebrities on its territory. And his landscapes are captured in the works of poets and artists. It is about him that sings in one of his songs, Joe Dassin.The Luxembourg Garden in general was a place of inspiration for many creative people, among whom were not only French, but also Russian writers and poets: Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, Maria Tsvetaeva.

The garden was forever imprinted in the works and works of David and Delacroix, George Sand, Hugo, Balzac, Hemingway.Joe Dassin Luxembourg Garden

And now on the Russian stage you can see a lyrical comedy based on the play “The Luxembourg Garden” by Lev and Alexander Shargorodskikh. BDT - Bolshoi Drama Theater named after G. A. Tovstonogov - timed the performance to the 85th anniversary of Stir G. A., People's Artist of Russia.

Luxembourg Palace

Speaking of the park, it is impossible not to mention the famous palace of the same name, built by Maria de Medici. True, his building was rebuilt several times, but still it still retains lightness and airiness. At one time, Maria Medici ordered the famous artist Rubens for the new palace 21 canvases, which reflect scenes from her life, as well as three of her own portraits. Currently, paintings are stored in the Louvre.

Marie de Medici was not able to enjoy her baby for long. Soon after the construction was completed, her own son Louis XIII, tired of his mother’s intrigues, expelled her from Paris.At that time, he trusted no less intriguing - the prime minister, known as Cardinal Richelieu. Maria Medici has been wandering around Europe for more than ten years, after which she settled all alone in Cologne, in the house of the favorite artist Rubens, who had already died by that time.Luxembourg Garden BDT

Meanwhile, life in the Luxembourg Palace was in full swing. Another son of the queen settled in its walls - Gaston of Orleans and her daughter (duchess de Montpensier). Until the revolution of 1789, the palace remained royal. And in 1791 the building was declared state. It housed the Directory, then the Chamber of Peers and the Senate.

Park Sculptures

The Luxembourg Garden (photo is given in the article) is decorated with numerous sculptures. Near the building of the palace is the "Woman with apples". And very close you can see the marble statues of the most famous French queens, who appeared here in the nineteenth century.

The garden was also decorated with sculptures by Paul Varlin, Charles Baudelaire, Gustave Flaubert, Stendhal, Massenet, Eugene Delacroix, and Antoine Watteau. In general, throughout the park there are a lot of stone and bronze sculptures, which appeared here in different periods.A total of 106 of them.Luxembourg Garden photo

In addition, the garden is famous for its beautiful flower gardens and green terraces.

Greenhouses and greenhouse

On the territory of the garden is a number of buildings, which include greenhouses and greenhouse. Their presence is simply necessary, as gardeners change plants in each bed three times a year. Saplings are cultivated in the greenhouse, and which flowers then fall on the flower beds. In total, 180 species of plants propagate in the greenhouse and greenhouses, among which are tropical forms. In summer, they feature temporary expositions for tourists.

Luxembourg Garden: reviews

According to tourists, this is one of those places that are definitely worth a visit in Paris. The numerous references to the park in Dumas' book of the three musketeers and the song of Joe Dassin will intrigue anyone, so you need to see the legendary garden with your own eyes. This extraordinary place miraculously gathers on its territory representatives of all generations: students, mothers with children, elderly people, jogging athletes.luxembourg garden reviews

The park can be called a stunningly beautiful place.Only the French could create such magnificence and skillfully support for many years. Getting on its avenues, you just do not have time to admire the beauty of architectural complexes, fountains, flower beds and palm trees. The Luxembourg Garden is amazing not only for its beauty, but also for its cleanliness, despite the large number of visitors every day. This amazing place is really impossible not to love. A beautiful garden sets up a lyrical mood. No wonder during the walks along its avenues poetic lines were born from poets.

The Luxembourg Garden is open to the public, access to its territory is completely free, as is the inspection of all the sights. The only place it is impossible to get at the present time is the Luxembourg Palace. The Senate is located in its building, and therefore the entrance for tourists and other visitors is closed. Once a month, tours are organized, which can only be reached by appointment, which is done for security purposes.

Instead of an afterword

Luxembourg Gardens can be called one of the most romantic places in Paris. Shady avenues, ponds and fountains, stunning sculptures and a beautiful palace - all this is worth it to devote to a walk all day, enjoying the beauty of the park.

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