Where is the grave of Griboyedov?

Alexander Griboedov is a Russian playwright, poet anddiplomat. He died tragically in Persia in 1829. How did the last days of his life go? What was the cause of the death of the writer? Finally, where is the grave of Griboyedov?

Griboedov's grave

Life and art

Griboyedov was the son of a retired major. Biography of the famous Russian playwright and today keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets. Even the exact date of appearance of the Russian classic is unknown.

Father Griboyedov, strangely enough, was a manpoorly educated. The upbringing of the future writer was the mother - a famous pianist and noble lady. Thanks to this woman, Alexander got a good home education.

He already at the age of six owned foreignlanguages. In his youth, he not only spoke fluent English, French, German and Italian, but also read the works of ancient Greek authors. After the end of the Patriotic War of 1812 Griboyedov entered the diplomatic service, which he successfully combined with literary creativity.

The choice of a military career was rather strangea solution for a brilliantly educated young man. After 1812, Griboedov's life changed a lot. However, he did not manage to take part in the hostilities.

In 1817, Griboyedov entered the service inboard of foreign affairs. At the same time he was fond of theater and literature, which brought him closer to many of the well-known at that time people. It was then that Griboyedov met Pushkin. He joined the Masonic service, communicated with Chaadayev, Pestel, Benckendorff. True, this period of writer's life was somewhat overshadowed by gossip and intrigues of secular society. In addition, his financial position was shaken.

Griboedov's tomb in Tbilisi


In 1817, an event occurred, thanks to whichToday it is known about where the grave of Griboyedov is located. It was a duel between the writer-diplomat and the cornet Yakubovich. Griboyedov, as is known, remained alive, but was injured, which left a mark on his hand. This scar also helped in 1829 to identify the body of a Russian diplomat. By the way, the duel took place in the very city where Griboyedov's grave is located.


In 1818 Griboyedov was sent to Persia. He went to work in August. On the way to Tehran I made stops in Moscow, Novgorod, Tula, Voronezh. All this time he kept track notes. Alexander Griboyedov stayed in Tehran for only five years. In 1823 he returned to his homeland, where he completed "Woe from Wit". Soon after, he went to the Caucasus, where he intensively taught Arabic, Georgian, Turkish and Persian languages.

For some time Griboyedov lived in the Crimea. There he visited the estate of his old friend Zavadsky, traveled the mountains a lot and again he kept detailed travel notes. On suspicion of belonging to the Decembrists, the writer and diplomat was arrested in 1826. He was brought to St. Petersburg, but the investigation found no evidence. Griboyedov denied his involvement in the plot. He was released five months after his arrest.

Last years

In September 1826, Griboyedov finally returnedto the service. He continued diplomatic activities in Tiflis. Here Griboyedov managed to conclude a treaty beneficial to Russia and deliver its text to the capital. After that, he was appointed minister-resident in Iran. A year before the death Griboyedov married Nina Chavchavadze - a representative of the Georgian noble family.

Grave's grave

Massacre at the Russian embassy

The above-mentioned agreement, which was concludedGriboyedov, was called Turkmanchay. The Russian diplomat arrived in Persia in order to achieve the fulfillment of the main points of this agreement. Namely, the payment of indemnities. For the defeat in the war, the entire population had to pay, which aroused discontent in Persian society.

February 11, 1829, a crowd of locals attackedto the Russian embassy. This day later historians described in different ways. The only eyewitness of the tragedy was Ivan Maltsev - secretary of the embassy, ​​who managed to hide during the massacre. However, he was in another room, not where Alexander Griboyedov was killed. So I could tell about what happened only on the basis of what I heard. All the defenders died. There were no direct witnesses left.

The body of Alexander Griboyedov was taken to Tiflis. Here he was buried. In the summer of 1829 Pushkin visited the grave of Griboyedov.

Hush diplomatic scandal to the Persian shahwas not easy. In order to establish relations with Russia, he presented Nicholas I the first generous gifts, among them there was a 88.7 carat diamond, which is now kept in the collection of the Kremlin Museum. But no rich gifts, of course, could not compensate the death of several dozen people, among whom was one of the greatest classics of Russian literature.

At the grave of Griboyedov inscription, which ends like this: "what did my love endure for you". These words belong to the widow of the writer.

Grave of Griboedov in Tbilisi

Grave of Griboedov in Tbilisi

The city in which the Russian writer is buried, howknown, was formerly called Tiflis. Grave Griboyedov, whose photo can be seen in this article, is on Mtatsminda Mountain. Many famous artists, writers, and scientists rest here. The Pantheon was created on the territory belonging to the Church of St. David. Necropolis on Mtatsminda Mountain was officially opened in 1929, that is, a hundred years after Alexander Sergeevich Griboyedov was killed.

graffiti inscription

This cemetery is one of the sights of the Georgian capital. It is in pretty picturesque places, as you can see by looking at the photo below.

Griboedov's grave

The grave of Griboedov in Tbilisi was the firstfamous burial on the mountain Mtatsminda. Many gravestones are made by famous Georgian sculptors. In the last century, a ropeway was installed on the pantheon, in which a catastrophe occurred in 1990. Twenty people died.

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