Where is Syktyvkar?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
April 25, 2015
Where is Syktyvkar?

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Syktyvkar is a city with one of the most unusual names in Russia. Where is Syktyvkar and what are its features, learn from our article.

Where is the city

Syktyvkar is the capital of the Komi Republic and one of its largest cities. It is located in the Northeast of the European part of our country, more than 1000 km from Moscow in a straight line. Syktyvkar is located on the banks of two rivers, where the Sysola River flows into Vychegda.

Syktyvkar was founded in 1780 and was originally called Ust-Sysolsk. In 1930, the city was given a new name. It means "the city on Sysol" translated from the Komi language.

Features of the city and its attractions

About 250 thousand people live in Syktyvkar. Due to its location, historically Syktyvkar unites representatives of more than 70 nationalities: Russians, Komi, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars, and many others.

The main attractions of the city are located in the central, historical part of it.Despite the fact that most of the historic center was destroyed during the Soviet era, up to today in Syktyvkar there are about 50 wooden buildings, taken under state protection as historically significant.

If you happen to visit Syktyvkar, then by all means visit the Stefanovsky Cathedral, located on the square with the same name. The cathedral was founded in 1850 and named in honor of the most venerated in Komi St. Stephen of Perm. In addition, the city has such interesting places as the house of the merchant Sukhanov, the building of the fire brigade, Mushroom Lane and others.

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