Where is Stary Oskol?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 26, 2015
Where is Stary Oskol?

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Stary Oskol

Not every city in Russia can boast its own zoo, and Stary Oskol can. It is probably a matter of the special natural conditions in which this city is located. Consider next, where is Stary Oskol and what geographical features it has.

The city of Stary Oskol is located in the Belgorod region and is the second in this region in terms of population. Previously, he was part of the Kursk region. This is the south-western part of Russia, which in terms of distance is already closer to Ukraine than to the capital. From the administrative point, Stary Oskol can be attributed to the Central Federal District, and economically these territories are rich in black soil, which contributes to the occupation of agriculture. The abundance of rivers in and around the city also creates favorable conditions for agro-industrial activities.

In addition, Stary Oskol also found fame of an industrial and militant city during the Great Patriotic War, where fierce fighting took place in 1942-1943, and now a memorial "Atamansky Forest" was erected.

Transportation between the city and neighboring regions makes life of the population of Old Oskol more dynamic and opens up new horizons for the sale of various agricultural products.

Many in the city and various religious buildings. In addition to their architectural decoration, they attract a large number of believers from different places. The city has its own cathedral, which bears the name of St. Alexander Nevsky.

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