Where is Serpukhov?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
April 24, 2015
Where is Serpukhov?

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The Russian city of Serpukhov is the center of the Serpukhov urban agglomeration. Its number is more than 126 thousand people. Consider where Serpukhov and what are the features of its geographical location.

Features of the location of Serpukhov

Serpukhov is located on the Nara River, less than 100 km from the center of Moscow (in the south of the Moscow Region, 73 km from the Moscow Ring Road). One of the characteristic features of Serpukhov’s location is that it is located on the border of three physiographic provinces at once: the Moskvoretsko-Okskaya plain from the north, the Smolensk province in the west and Zaokskaya in the south. All this gives the city an incredibly scenic view.

In Serpukhov today there are a wide variety of unique attractions. Among them are the Serpukhov History and Art Museum, which is recognized as one of the exemplary museums in our country, and the ancient city center, with surviving fragments of ancient architectural monuments, and the Prioksko-Terrasny State Natural Biosphere Reserve, and many other monuments and cultural sites.

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