Where is Orenburg?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
April 27, 2015
Where is Orenburg?

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Orenburg is a rather young Russian city, founded in 1743. About 577 thousand people live in Orenburg today, the city occupies the 28th place in the list of the largest cities of Russia by population.

But where is Orenburg?

Orenburg is located in the south of the Urals and is considered the administrative center of the Orenburg region. The city stands on the Ural River near the confluence of the Sakmara River in it.Orenburg

The geographical coordinates of the city - 54about37'00'', 39about43'00''.

The territory of the city - 259 km2.

Orenburg is located 1475 km from Moscow in the south-east direction. Orenburg lives in a time zone of +5 hours relative to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and +2 hours to Moscow time.

Orenburg - the connecting value of the city

Orenburg - the main link between the continents of Europe and Asia. The city is considered one of the largest railway junctions, which unites Europe and Asia. It is also worth noting that the city has an airport that makes both domestic flights and international flights.

The international telephone code of Orenburg is +7 (3532).

The postal code of the city is 46XXXX, where XXXX is variable data.

Orenburg is divided into two districts - South and North. The southern district includes the Leninsky and Central districts, the North - Dzerzhinsky and Promyshlenny.

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