Where is Kabardinka? Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory

Recreation by the sea is the mosta common way of spending their summer vacation. If you are looking for an alternative to the Crimea, then rest in Kabardinka is perfect for this. Here you can not only luxuriate in the rays of a warm summer sun and buy in the sea, but also do the healing of the whole organism as a whole. Many people ask: where is Kabardinka?


What is this holiday village? The first thing to note is the number of sunny days, and here they are the largest in the entire Krasnodar region. The location of Kabardinka is considered unique, because it is located in a bay that is reliably protected by a cape from strong gusts of wind. This indicates that the sea here is not only warm, but also quite calm.

where is the Kabardian

The resort village is part of the famous Gelendzhik and is generously endowed with beautiful panoramic views. Here you can find both majestic mountains, and endless sea, and a clear blue sky.

Multiple juniper forests saturate the airspecial microelements, which favorably affect human health. And in combination with the Black Sea air, they are ideal for children's recreation.

How to get there

To get into this recreation area, you need to accuratelyto know where Kabardinka is. The length and complexity of the path depends on your starting point. You can get here by the most famous mankind ways:

  • Aircraft.
  • Car.
  • A train.
  • Urban transport.

If you are on an impressive distance from the Krasnodar Territory, then, most likely, you will have to use an airplane. There are three options:

  • To fly to the local airport of Gelendzhik.

Next, you can use the services of a taxi, so it will be a little more expensive, but much faster. If you are accustomed to saving, then at your service public transport to the village Kabardinka

street map of kabardinka

  • The international airport of the city of Anapa.

In this version, it will be necessary to make a journey through Novorossiysk with a length of about 80 kilometers.

  • Krasnodar city airport.

From this starting point you need to travel through Novorossiysk, but in this case the path will be almost 200 kilometers.

It is very convenient to get by car. So you can pave an interesting path yourself and not be bored on the road, enjoying the local views. Be sure to see where Kabardinka is located on the map of Krasnodar Territory.

Time relax

The tourist season here is very long. Enjoy the sea views from April to November. All this time in the village you can smell the pine and juniper forests, which make the air very clean. Kabardinka is famous for its fresh air and beautiful beaches. The Krasnodar Territory is always prepared for a meeting with tourists.

Kabardinka on the map of Krasnodar Territory

The beaches in the village are pebbly, but it playsonly for the benefit of the resort. Perennial currents made the stone smooth to such an extent that it seems that you are stepping on a lined satin walk, not on pebbles. Tourists will be offered a lot of water entertainments, which diversify rest and will not let you get bored. To orientate the map of Kabardinka with streets is useful.

This resort positions itself as a placeyouth, family and children's recreation. In addition to high-class hotels, here you can find quality health-improving boarding houses and recreation centers. For children there are several health camps for the time being. Wonderful sea resorts are offered to tourists by Russia. Krasnodar Territory (Kabardinka to a greater extent) is ideal for relaxing with your family.

What to see

The settlement is relatively small, and here you are notyou will find a variety of attractions. The main feature is that Kabardinka is a multi-national resort that can conquer its tourists with the kindness and color of the local population.

kabardian krasnodar

One of the main attractions isancient park. It will please the inveterate fishermen, because it is rare where you can go fishing in the reserve zone, and besides, you can get an excellent catch in the form of delicacy trout. Another place that is popular with tourists is the winery, where you can taste a noble drink. The village is rich with all kinds of horse walks and excursions to beautiful waterfalls. Any tourist will find a job and will be satisfied.

For lovers of outdoor activities

Fans of extreme rest can rent a jeep and pokoslesit on local streets. Kabardinka is famous for its picturesque landscapes. Krasnodar territory is created for family rest.

russia krasnodar region kabardinka

The chic Black Sea coast will be beautifulthe addition of a romantic getaway. Magnificent embankments with many cafes and restaurants will certainly help in this. You can always rent a scuba diving and sink to the depths or go on a sea voyage on a sailboat. The bravest can fly with a parachute over the water surface.

Where to stay

There are no problems in Kabardinka with housing. The resort is adapted for any tourist. There are camping sites and fashionable hotels. A lot of local residents rent a house in the private sector in close proximity to the sea, where Kabardinka is located.

where is the Kabardian

You can book the hotel through the Internet, and alreadybeing in place. In both cases, you can save a lot. However, you should be aware of fraudsters who may fuss over your finances, as well as avoid mediators. They will definitely take a certain payment for their services.

The village Kabardinka inhabits no more than 8000person, but still remember that you are going to spend your holiday in the hot season. This means that the number of people per square meter of the beach will increase tens of times. Therefore, you should take care of booking a hotel room in advance. Many residents of the country know perfectly well where Kabardinka is. Therefore, a lot of vacationers.

street map of kabardinka

Coming to the sea and plunging into the sunny summer, notIt is worth to go only to visit one central beach. This place, most likely, will be quite crowded and will not be able to give true pleasure. If you walk along the coastline, then very near you will certainly find one of the empty beaches, which in Kabardinka is very much. Also on Cape Doob there is a wild beach, from which you can admire the beautiful scenery.

You will certainly want to return hereonce. This is a great place to take a break from the city's bustle and get an even fine tan. Before traveling, be sure to check out the maps that are presented in this article. For convenience, they can be printed. So you will not get lost in the streets of the Krasnodar Territory and get to the right point on time. Rest you will like, and you will have a great vacation.

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