Where is Cupid?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
April 23, 2015
Where is Cupid?

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Amur is a river in the Far East with a length of 2824 km. The powerful waters of the Amur cover the territories of three countries - Russia, China and Mongolia. Probably everyone has heard of this river, but few can say for sure where the Cupid is.

The Amur River flows in East Asia, its source is the confluence of the Argun and Shilka rivers. The exact geographic coordinates of the source - 53about20 'north latitude, 121about28 'east longitude.

As we have already mentioned, the river captures three states, most of it is located in Russia - 54%, a little less in China - 44.2%, in Mongolia only 1.8% flow.

Amur is one of the 10 largest rivers in the world, its area is 1855 thousand km2.

The river is conventionally divided into:

  • Upper Amur (to the mouth of the Zeya River), the speed of the Amur current in this area is about 5.3 km / h; length - 883 kilometers.
  • Middle Amur (from Zeya to the mouth of the Ussuri River), the current speed is 5.5 km / h, the length is 975 km.
  • The Lower Amur (from Ussuri to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur), the speed of the current is 4.2 km / h, the length is 966 km.

The unique features of Cupid

Amur has a very unusual hydrological regime, for the river is characterized by large changes in water level, which can reach 15 meters in the upper Amur and 8 meters in the lower.

Cupid also boasts a variety of ichthyofauna, which does not have any of the Russian reservoirs. More than 139 species of fish are found in Amur, more than 30 of which are of commercial importance, it is especially great with respect to salmonids. For comparison: in the Ob, which is considered the largest river in Russia, there are only 47 species of fish.

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