Where is Astrakhan?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
April 23, 2015
Where is Astrakhan?

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There are many interesting places in the world, and it is difficult to remember where they are all located. Therefore, when we hear a name, we often start searching for it on the world map. In this article we will tell where Astrakhan, the administrative center of the Astrakhan region, is located.

Astrakhan on the map

The city belongs to the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation and is located in the upper part of the mouth of the Volga River, in the Caspian lowland.

Astrakhan stretches along the two arms of the Volga: the City and Trusovsky, and stands on 11 islands that are connected by bridges, which gives the city a special look. The territory occupied by Astrakhan is 500 km ².

In order to easily find a city on the map, you must first find the delta of the Volga River (the place where it flows into the Caspian Sea) and climb into its upper part.

Coordinates of Astrakhan:

  • 46 ° 22´ north latitude,
  • 48 ° 04´ east longitude.

Astrakhan is connected with Moscow by the federal road R-22 "Caspian" (or M6 - the old name). Distances to cities:

  • Moscow - 1391 km
  • Tambov - 948 km
  • Saratov - 801 km
  • Volgograd - 423 km
  • Elista - 318 km

About how you can get to this glorious city, you will learn from the article How to get to Astrakhan.

Brief information about Astrakhan

The first records of settlements on the territory of modern Astrakhan were in the XIII century. Astrakhan is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, which left its mark on the development of the city, in particular, determined its internationality (representatives of over 100 nationalities live in the city) and the contrast of cultures.

Currently, Astrakhan is the economic and cultural center of the Lower Volga region. In addition to historical monuments, Astrakhan is famous for its watermelons and black caviar.

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