Where does the testicle begin in men?

Testicular tumor is a progressive malignant process in the testicle, which ultimately leads to a disruption of the function of this organ.

Etiology of the disease

After carrying out some diagnosticResearch has revealed that a number of factors can affect the development of oncology of the male reproductive system. However, no precise evidence has been found so far, and the disease can be considered poly-therapeutic.

Factors that increase the likelihood of developing testicular cancer include:

- genetic predisposition (presence of a tumor in the father, brother or grandfather);

- a transferred testicular tumor in men;

- prevention of a testicle in the scrotum;

- Anomalies in the development of the male sexual system of an innate nature;

- repeated scrotal injury.

Pathogenesis of the disease

Testicles - the male gland that participatesin the formation and maturation of spermatozoa, male sexual secretion and testosterone. Tumor testicles in men begin to develop in one of the shells of the organ. This process starts the etiologic factor, but, as a rule, it is not alone. A long-term impact of the main factor and many additional ones is necessary. For example, a nervous breakdown, a climate change, a hormonal breakdown or trauma, a rapid increase in body weight or immune deficiency are all additional factors of influence that lead to a weakening of the body. In general, in order for the process of oncotransformation of cells to start at the moment, it is necessary that "at one point" many factors come together, but one of them will be the main one.

Then the testicle shell begins to change, instead of normal cells, atypical appear - the process of oncogenesis is started. The rest is only a matter of time.

As the tumor grows in size, all the new clinical symptoms begin to appear - the process progresses and metastasizes.

Testicular Tumor: Symptoms

Cancer of the genitals is one of the fewDiseases that can not manifest themselves for a long time with clinical signs. However, often testicular cancer begins with a feeling of some discomfort in the crotch and scrotum. There is a symptom of heaviness and "sipping" the testicle, it increases in volume. Then the pain syndrome grows, and the scrotum grows more and more. Patients complain of intense pain in the lower abdomen, groin and perineum, which can give to the buttocks and hips. There may also be a change in the color of the testicle, on the surface it is possible to identify small ulcers and areas of necrosis.

How is a testicular tumor diagnosed in men?

The first thing to do is collectfull anamnesis in the patient. Ask him in detail about the disturbing sensations and how long they started, about what drugs he took at home, what was hurting during life, and what hurts his next male relatives.

After a complete visual examination, it is necessary to perform palpation of the rectum.

Laboratory diagnostic tests for testicular cancer are important, because they allow you to accurately determine the stage of the process, and therefore, and begin adequate therapy.

Currently, a blood test is usedon specific cancer markers for the diagnosis of oncopathology. These are protein substances that appear in the bloodstream in response to the intensive growth of cancer cells.

Further it is necessary to conduct ultrasound diagnosis of the scrotal area, if necessary, you can resort to computed tomography.

Obligatory method of research of testicular cancer is biopsy - sampling of biological material for confirmation of malignant process.

If the diagnosis is made, then it is necessary to start treating the patient.

Tumor testicles in men are treated in three main areas:

surgical removal of the tumor;

- radiation therapy;

- Chemotherapy.

Combination therapy is most often used, but the advisability of this or that method is decided by the attending physician depending on the stage of the process and the age of the patient.

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