Where does antifreeze go?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
February 5, 2013
Where does antifreeze go?

Noticing that the level of antifreeze has decreased, the car owner sometimes just adds it, suggesting that evaporation is the cause of everything. But the liquid disappears again. This is already a serious problem, because of the lack of coolant engine overheating is possible.

Where does antifreeze go?

Take a look under the rug in the cabin. If it is wet there, the leak is radiator heater. If the mat is dry, the heater is in order, and the liquid still disappears, it's time to get under the hood. You have to check the entire cooling system. Careful inspection will require a radiator. Feel it and carefully inspect for any smudges.

Perhaps the most common cause of antifreeze leakage is the wear of the connecting pipes and hoses. As it gets older, rubber loses its elasticity and hardens. Vibration occurs while the engine is running. Without the necessary flexibility, a solid hose can leak at the point of connection, slide under pressure from a metal pipe or crack.Finding that the hoses or nozzles are cracked, swollen or hardened, change them without the slightest doubt.

Asking where the antifreeze goes, check the tightness of the clamps that attach the pipes. It is possible that the clamp is weak, although over-tightening is also harmful, because the clamp can cut the rubber nipple.

Neither the radiator nor the nozzles flow, so it's time to switch your attention to the engine. It is likely that the antifreeze goes through a faulty pump located on the engine below. Once you have “dived” under the car, check whether the drain plug of the coolant is tightly screwed. If the lack of antifreeze is accompanied by strong engine smoke, and the color of the coolant has changed - your problem is much more serious, because there is a damage to the head gasket. To replace it will need to disassemble the engine.

But do not despair ahead of time, it is possible that the cause of the leak in the leakage of the expansion tank cap or you just loosely tighten it!

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