Where can I order plywood boxes?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
October 21, 2016
Where can I order plywood boxes?

Plywood boxes are an ideal container for many things: they are durable, but they weigh little, are water resistant, are not subjected to mold, and are resistant to different temperatures and their drops.

High-quality plywood boxes to order in Moscow can be purchased from RosPromUpak - here you will find reliable packaging for various purposes. Plywood, from which the boxes are made, is made of peeled veneer and impregnated with a special protective solution with water-repellent properties. The quality of the finished box depends largely on the material used for its manufacture, impregnation and subsequent processing of the container.

"RosPromUpak" offers the manufacture of plywood boxes to order in various versions:

  1. With and without a pallet, with and without a lid;
  2. The boxes with accessories having various varnish covering;
  3. Plywood packaging according to customer’s design;
  4. Container of various sizes, both standard and non-standard, made of plywood of different thickness.

All work is done qualitatively, as soon as possible and in accordance with all the requirements of GOST.

Varieties of packaging produced by RosPromUpak:

  1. Wooden boxes from planed boards. Very strong, correspond to GOST, have several special supporting devices that can be supplemented with various designs. Suitable for medical equipment and industrial equipment, food, dishes, household appliances and other goods.
  2. Boxes made of fiberboard. They are versatile, convenient, low in weight and inexpensive. But at the same time they have several drawbacks: the walls can be deformed, they cannot carry heavy loads, they do not have water-repellent properties.
  3. The container from OSB is ideal for the transport of things and their quality delivery, as it reliably protects them during journeys. These boxes have excellent basic characteristics, they are lightweight and environmentally friendly.
  4. Wooden boxes from the boards of natural moisture. They are suitable for transportation of bulky cargo, as they are resistant to mechanical damage, are made of environmental materials, have a long service life, are economical.After a long time, the boards can crack and dry, and the weight is not light enough for use in all types of transport.

RosPromUpak will fulfill any of your orders with high quality and as soon as possible. For registration you will need to contact the manager of the company by e-mail or phone. If necessary, he will help you in choosing a container that is suitable for your purposes, you will place an order with him, and he will explain how you can get the finished product.

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