Where are the USA located?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
December 19, 2014
Where are the USA located?

Studying the world map is a very exciting activity, but do you know where the USA is on the map? The United States of America is located in the western hemisphere on the North American continent and borders with countries such as Canada, Mexico, Russia. The length of the US border with our country is 49 km and passes through the waters of the Bering Strait. You can find a lot of interesting information about this country on the pages of our site, for example, in the article How many states are in the USA, and here we will talk not only about where it is located, but also about its climate, topography, nature and other features.


Due to the fact that the United States occupy a vast territory of North America, the climate of this country is very diverse. So the southern part of Florida and Hawaii are the tropics, the north of Alaska is the polar region, and most of the states are comfortably located in a temperate and subtropical zone. The climate of many of them is influenced by the proximity of the ocean and some other factors.

However, the weather in the States also presents its own surprises, which are manifested by tornadoes, hurricane winds, heavy snowfalls and torrential rains causing flooding.For these reasons, many states are systematically affected by natural disasters.


On the territory of the United States of America can be found and mountain systems. These are the Appalachinskaya, stretching along the Atlantic coast, and the Cordillera mountain system, which stretches its ridges from the north to the south-east of the country.

In addition to the mountains, there are low-lying areas generously irrigated by the waters of the largest rivers - Mississippi, Colorado, and Columbia, as well as the Great Plains, which are essentially piedmont in the Cordillera Plateau.


A variety of climatic zones influenced the wealth of flora and fauna of the States. Here you can find hot arid deserts and wet evergreen forests, harsh mountain areas and endless prairies covered with thick grass.

In the northern regions of the country are found bears, deer, squirrels, moose. A little closer to the eastern regions can be found foxes, badgers, wolves and many birds. The desert is full of snakes, and on the plains dominate the buffalo. Waterways are full of fish, and the cold waters of the Alaskan coast are inhabited by walruses and seals.

Special features

This country is distinguished from others by the quantity of freshwater supplies.On the border with Canada are the Great Lakes, one of which (Lake Superior) is the largest in the world.

Another feature can be called the incredible beauty of the canyons, for example, the world famous Grand Canyon. Not less interest and national parks of the United States. These attractions are visited every year by millions of tourists from different countries.

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