When to cut hair?

People who are fond of the science of thin matter, consider hair as the natural antennas of our body, through which the life-giving force penetrates our body. When to cut hair, if they perform such an unusual function?

Look into the past

Our ancestors argued that it was not enough to choose the right time for a haircut, it is also important what kind of person will do it. It is better to choose an energetic and cheerful master, because he has an impact on our biofield. Moreover, the age of the barber also matters - the older he is, the more influence he has. Therefore, it is better to choose a young master or about his own age.

Bioenergy is recommended: if a black band has started in your life, then try to go for a haircut to the old, and a famous master, it will change your life. And if you choose the right time, according to the lunar calendar, then in life there will be dramatic changes.

Some people are used to cutting their split ends and bangs on their own. But there are people who see this as something unkind.

Bioenergy is also confident that the master should be of the same sex with you.Indeed, during the haircut, several biofields change - astral, ethereal and mental. Therefore, during the haircut, we can easily succumb to someone else's influence. If you liked the master of the opposite sex, then it can bring trouble into your personal life. Even in the Bible there is a legend about such an example. Everyone knows what happened to Samson when a woman cut his hair. Now consider when it is better to cut hair according to the lunar calendar.

Lunar haircut

If you want your hair to change its properties and grow faster? Plan your haircut with a full moon. To delay hair loss, strengthen the root, preserve the shape of the hair, haircut is also best done with a full moon. If you cut your hair during the descending of the moon, the hair will grow very long.

When you are sick, you can trim the ends of the hair. The ancient Egyptians believed that all the negative energy goes to the trimmed tips, and the body is cleared faster.

When can I cut my hair? It is not recommended to have a haircut on days 9, 15, 23, 29 according to the lunar calendar. These are the so-called satanic days. Also, experts categorically prohibit haircut in the days of the lunar and solar eclipse, so as not to cut off the memory, and the mind.

Moon calendar. When to cut hair on it

  • 1 day.Haircut on the first lunar day can not be, this haircut shortens life.
  • 2 day. A haircut on the second lunar day can bring quarrels.
  • 3 day. Haircut brings reckless spending money and harm to health.
  • 4 day. Haircut on the 4th lunar day affects the health of the throat and oral cavity. Causes fear of loss of loved ones, longing, discomfort.
  • 5 day. Haircut brings wealth.
  • 6 day. A haircut on this day can lead to colds.
  • 7 day. Haircut threatens conflict with the boss or the second half. According to the Tibetan calendar, the seventh lunar day is burning, so a haircut on this day can seriously harm your health.
  • 8 day. Great day for a haircut. On this day, a visit to the hairdresser will attract longevity, health, make life brighter, more interesting and bring wealth. Not immediately, of course, but in the coming months.
  • 9 day. Not a good day for a haircut, a haircut on day 9 attracts illness.
  • 10 day. Another burning day, refrain from cutting.
  • 11 day Grooming will improve intuition and bring sharp feelings.
  • 12th day Cutting hair is strictly prohibited. Increases the likelihood of life threatening.
  • 13 day Perfect day for a haircut.Haircut will bring an attractive appearance and happiness.
  • 14 day. Grooming will improve your financial situation.
  • 15 day. It is better to refrain from cutting. Headaches, high blood pressure, mental disorder, anxiety and fear are possible.
  • 16 day Do not get a haircut on this day. Misfortunes may occur due to previously committed errors.
  • 17th day Haircut will bring various diseases and obstacles in the affairs.
  • 18th day Grooming will contribute to the loss of things, theft, diseases of domestic animals.
  • 19th day On this day, a haircut will extend life.
  • 20 day. After the haircut may appear "aversion" to life.
  • 21 day. Attracts beauty and well-being.
  • 22 day Haircut will open up opportunities that are associated with the acquisition of real estate.
  • 23 day Improve complexion.
  • 24 day Various diseases may appear.
  • 25 day A haircut can increase eye pressure, and vision may deteriorate. The appearance of barley or an exacerbation of eye diseases is also likely.
  • 26 day Haircut attracts happiness, joy and success.
  • 27th day Good day for a haircut.
  • 28th day You will be able to show your charm.
  • 29 day Unfavorable day. Haircut will attract a meeting with misfortune.
  • 30 day.Auspicious day for haircuts.

When is it better to cut hair

  • On Monday, you can get rid of not only split ends, but also of negative energy, unsolved problems, and negative emotions. On Monday, it is also good to dye your hair.
  • For those who want to fill their lives with activity and solve a very important problem, you should go to the hairdresser on Tuesday.
  • Look for new emotions - to you, to the master on Wednesday. A haircut on this day will help you make new friends or meet old friends.
  • To change the relationship with others, filling your life with well-being and luck go to the hairdresser on Thursday.
  • Friday was always considered a day of beauty. If on this day you are satisfied with how you look, then you should not get a haircut.
  • Having made a haircut on Saturday, your hair will become more healthy, in addition, you can get rid of karmic debts or sins of your kind.
  • Sunday is an unfavorable day for a haircut, you can kill your luck. This day is suitable for a haircut only for chronic losers, a haircut can bring good luck.

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