When to collect nuts?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
October 13, 2014
When to collect nuts?

Your walnut tree bore fruit. Naturally, you are now worried about the question of when to collect nuts? The fact is that the nut does not change color, reaching ripeness, remaining green. Therefore, it is important to learn to see that the nuts have ripened so as not to remove green (unripe) fruits from the tree. We will tell you when you pick walnuts and how to determine their degree of ripeness.

Determine the ripeness of nuts

To collect nuts usually start in late autumn. By this time, the fruits have time to ripen, the shell of nuts becomes dry and hard, and the kernels are poured, acquiring a specific nutty taste. In this case, the outer shell of the nut can remain green and smooth.

However, most often the ripeness of a walnut is determined precisely by the appearance of this green rind. By the time of collection, it begins to shrink, cower and darken. It happens that, remaining juicy and green, the peel bursts, and a dry solid nut falls out of it. It also happens that the nut remains in the burst shell and does not fall out of it.Sometimes a nut enclosed in a dark and withered shell is still firmly attached to the tree. Some fruits fall to the ground, preserving the integrity of durable green peel.

We collect nuts

So, if autumn has passed for its second half, and you see all the above signs of ripening nuts, they need to be collected. How?

Everything is clear with fallen nuts - they are simply picked up from the ground. If the nut fell, remaining walled up in the peel, then the peel should be split. To do this, the fruit can be strongly squeezed by hands, so that the green shell burst, or with a force to throw it on a hard surface. From the bursting shell, the nut is removed, cleaned of the remnants of the peel and must be dried.

If the nuts are left on the tree, then you need to thoroughly shake it, and then collect the fallen fruits. Those nuts that do not want to fall are removed using a special tool or knocked down with a long stick.

The collected nuts are peeled from the remnants of the peel, left to dry and removed for storage. That's all the wisdom. Now you know when and how to collect walnuts. Good harvest!

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