When to sow pepper on seedlings?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
May 12, 2015
When to sow pepper on seedlings?

Pepper is one of the most favorite products of Russian gardeners. All kinds of salads can not do without pepper, and pepper stuffed with various fillings will be a real masterpiece of any holiday table. Many gardeners prefer to grow peppers on their own, carefully tracking the timing and rules for the care of pepper seedlings.

Growing pepper seedlings at home

Gardeners with years of experience constantly take into account the influence of the moon on plants. No wise mistress will sow the seeds of pepper in the period of the waning moon or on unfavorable days. Professional gardeners invariably take into account the advice of astrologers in planting seedlings.

The time when sowing pepper to seedlings can be determined using the lunar calendar. The most optimal days for planting peppers start from the end of January, from January 25 to January 30. In February, it is better to sow peppers in the first numbers and after February 20. In the first month of spring, the seedlings of pepper should be prepared at the end of the month after the 20s.

Professional Breeders Tips

According to the research of plant growers, the first fruits of the pepper begin to appear in 100-150 days after the emergence of seedlings, which are planted in the ground 60-80 days after planting. Therefore, sowing pepper is in the period from February 10 to March 10. Experienced breeders emit four waves of planting peppers for seedlings:

  • in the first half of February, super-early peppers are planted to saturate with early vitamins;
  • after February 15, they sow early pepper varieties for salads;
  • at the end of February (after the 20th number), the main harvest of peppers for canning is planted - early and late varieties of pepper;
  • late peppers start sowing in March.

Influence of climatic conditions

Considering the climatic conditions, in central Russia, seedlings of peppers should be planted at the age of 90 days (seedlings). Therefore, sow pepper in the regions of the middle band should be 3 months before planting in the ground. The optimal period is from 10 to 25 February.

In northern latitudes, seedlings of pepper should be planted in the ground at an average daily temperature of + 15-17 degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to sow pepper not earlier than the beginning of March.

In the southern regions of Russia, to obtain an early harvest, seeds of peppers are sown in early to mid-February.When the air temperature in 60 days reaches 15-20 degrees, you can plant seedlings in the ground.

Folk omens

According to folk signs, the time when sowing pepper for seedlings can be determined by the flowering of mountain ash. People say that the red rowan has blossomed - do not expect frosts at night, which means that heat-loving peppers can be planted safely in the garden.

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