When are they planting cherries?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 5, 2013
When are they planting cherries?

In different regions of Russia, selection work is being carried out to create disease-resistant and pest-resistant, adapted to the characteristics of individual regions of the cherry varieties. There are few varieties that could be successfully grown both in the north and in the south of the country. Only one sort of cherry was created, which was zoned at one time both in the Moscow Region and in the Kuban. This variety is called Lyubskaya. It should be borne in mind that each variety is bred in certain climatic conditions, so it can also show its positive qualities only in these conditions. Accordingly, it is necessary to acquire seedlings of those varieties that were obtained in the nearest breeding institutes. You need to know when planted cherries, depending on a particular region.

Cherry varieties for the central region

The following varieties of cherry are best suited for planting in this region: Zagorevskaya, Malinovka, Bagryanka, Molodezhnaya. The last variety is the most interesting.It is a stunted tree, only 2-2.5 meters in height. In addition, this variety is known for its yield and winter hardiness. With proper care, you can get a good harvest from such varieties of cherries as Apukhtinskaya, Lyubskaya and Vladimirskaya.

Cherry varieties for the northwest regions

Here winters are mild and wet. For these regions, breeders have bred the following varieties: Yield, Leningradskaya fast-growing, Krasnopakharskaya, Vladimirskaya Novaya. In addition, in this part of Russia can be grown and cherries, bred in Belarus: Kistevaya and Novodvorskaya.

Cherry varieties for the central Chernozem region

In this part of Russia, the most favorable climatic conditions are characteristic of cherries. The most popular variety of cherries in the area is Zhukovskaya, and the most high-yielding and winter-hardy ones are Turgenevka. In addition, varieties such as Morozovka, Lebedyanka, Ryazanochka, Tamaris, Rosa, Diana, Zhukovskaya are grown here. Depending on the region, it is necessary to plant the cherry in “its” time.

Landing time

Planting cherries in the central region should be carried out in early autumn or late spring. Sapling should not catch cold.And in central Russia, you can squeeze a cherry at any spring and autumn season. In the northern part of the country, landing should be done in late spring.

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