What you need to know the tourist?

If you are going abroad for the first time, our small guide will help you prepare for this trip. First, we list the most important thing that a tourist who is going abroad needs to know, and then we will talk about individual countries - first of all, about Thailand and Egypt.

What should know the tourist

First of all, keep in a safe place and do not lose your passport, because this is the main document, without which it will be much more difficult to help you in case of anything. Therefore, make a few photocopies and passport scans, so that there is also an electronic copy. Do not be lazy to get into the Internet before your trip and find out the addresses and telephone numbers of Russian representative offices - embassies and consulates in the country and cities where you are going to go. Remember, the most important allies abroad are our diplomats. Also, find out in advance the list of goods allowed for importation and exportation - products, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, etc. Money, as always, should not be stored in one compartment of a handbag or in one pocket with documents.And, of course, do not put money in a handbag - according to statistics, this piece of clothing is stolen most often. Avoid obsessive people. Surely they offer you help for a reason. It often happens that such a person turns out to be a banal accomplice of robbers and will simply lead to them. Do not save money on health insurance. Of course, today you can travel to many countries without insurance, but if something happens, you will have to be treated for a lot of money, and the insurance will cover everything. If you are attacked or robbed, shout "police" (say "polIs) - surely there is a person who can help you, and then the police themselves will do. Also avoid large crowds of people - rallies, demonstrations. You do not know whether they are sanctioned or not. In addition, a pickpocket can easily turn up in a crowd and will process you so cleverly that you will not feel anything. And the last important note: if you are still in an unpleasant situation, do not say anything and, moreover, do not sign until an employee of the Russian embassy or consulate arrives. The fact is that later, based on your testimony, you may well be charged with any kind of accusation.

What the tourist needs to know

You need to know that you should not buy things on the street that have a certain value - for example, jewelry. This is especially true of Asian and African countries. Almost certainly you want to stick a fake. If you walk with the camera, do not let it go. You can freely behave only in countries such as, for example, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, but in the East there will definitely be a thief who will not fail to take advantage of things left unattended. You should always have a city map at hand. Feel free to ask the staff of the hotel where you are staying. And, of course, you should be well aware of the name and address of your hotel, so that if something happens, you will be quickly delivered there. Therefore, it is better to have a hotel card on hand. Finally, it is advisable to learn as much as possible about the country that you are going to visit. Some local traditions and customs may surprise you, but you need to know them in order not to get into an unpleasant situation. We will talk a little about Thailand and Egypt - countries that have recently been very popular among Russian tourists.

What should know the tourist. Thailand

There are two main shrines in Thailand that should be treated with the utmost respect: Buddhism and the royal family. Therefore, avoid harshly speaking about this religion and the members of the royal house. It is unacceptable to point the foot at images of Buddha and members of the royal family (for this, according to local laws, you can even go to jail). In addition, it is undesirable to be interested in the personal life of the king. At the entrance to the temple, to the hairdresser and beauty salons you need to take off your shoes. If you want to take a picture next to the statue of Buddha, do not lean on it. And some more important tips.

  • Pornography and gambling (as well as drugs) are prohibited in the country. Please note that the death penalty is not abolished there.
  • You can not drink water from the tap.
  • Need to respect the elders.
  • Do not show love relationships on the street and do not ask Thais about sex - this is indecent.
  • You can not touch the head of a person - even a child.
  • Do not find out the relationship on the street, do not shout and do not swear.
  • All tickets need to be bought only in official places - at the box office of terminals and train stations.
  • Before the trip, make the necessary vaccinations - against cholera and hepatitis A.
  • Do not leave a passport on bail.
  • Remember that vehicles in the country are not insured.
  • Food can be safely bought in a supermarket if there is no money for restaurants.

What you need to know the tourist. Egypt

Egypt, like Thailand, is a country with a completely different culture, very different from ours. Therefore, in Egypt you should behave calmly and restrained. However, do not be shy and call the police if you try to stick on the street for some purpose. Consider that this is an Islamic country, so women should not appear on the streets in open clothes. Note that in Egypt you need to declare a video camera, and you can be asked to show what you were shooting when you leave. As for taking pictures, shooting in rooms is usually paid, but as for pictures of people, be sure to ask the person if you can take a picture of him. In general, it is recommended to do so in any country, not only in Egypt. As for the other rules, the best advice will be to show restraint. This means that you should not crimp and kiss in public, drink alcohol, in a word do everything that can offend the feelings of the Egyptians.Here, perhaps, and all - a happy holiday!

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