What you need to consider when designing a puzzle

At school, according to the program, a variety oftasks. Including, the task may well be to come up with riddles. 2 nd class are children who will be able to independently formulate questions on which it is necessary to find answers.

The most important thing is to give the child the right rhythm. To make up a riddle on different topics, a son or daughter did not face difficulties. It is necessary to tell the child what the logical task should be about, to fill it with interest, intrigue, but at the same time, so that one-year-olds can guess it.

What should be the riddles for children

Depending on the age category of schoolchildren,the complexity can be different. Thinking out the riddle for the youngest, you need to write an easy-to-understand sentence. And also the answers themselves should be such that the crumbs could find the right word in their vocabulary.

For older children, coming up with a puzzle, you canuse phrases and sayings more complicated. After all, a high school student, of course, will be able to find in the archive of his knowledge options for answering fairly difficult questions.

If parents come up with puzzles for their ownchild, they can independently determine what level of knowledge their son or daughter. Mom and Dad should take care of their child to answer all the questions asked. After all, this is how you can instill in the child confidence in their abilities.

What you need to consider when creating a puzzle

Writing a puzzle, you should include the following points:

  • The question should be with a twist.
  • Logical chains must necessarily be present in the task.
  • The question should be read with a rhythm and correctly set the accents.
  • The riddle for children can be fun or serious, so all methods are good.
  • In each question there must be a spark, a feature.

Given these factors, you can compose the most amazing, unusual and interesting puzzles for your little son or daughter.

How to come up with riddles about animals

Here, again, you need to take into account the age of the child. Also, parents should consider what kind of animals the child knows and which ones do not. These nuances help to come up with the most vivid, intriguing and inspiring puzzles.

Pay attention to the details. This is easy to do, because every animal has its own characteristics and factors, which should be noted. Approximately riddles about animals can be of such content:


He has a huge nose, like a hose, up to the ground.

And he himself is huge, gray, weighs more than a ton.


inventing a riddle


A long neck in the sky seeks,

From the very top of the trees,

Leaves tweaks, eats and treats its children.



What a miracle, what a marvel,

Two humpbacks are on the back.

If he gets into the desert,

From the humps water feeds itself.

(Camel) invent riddles about animals


A huge cat, growls very loudly,

The queen of beasts, a boy and a girl know about her.

Who is this, who will answer, I expect from you the name of the beast, children.



As a horse, but in stripes,

Walking in the zoo little by little.

Who is this, now, children,

Which one of you will answer the question?



This tender domestic mourning,

Have Katya and Shurka.



It's huge, just immense,

There are brown and white there.

It's only pleasant to look at him through the cage,

And you have it plush.



She jumps, rolls people,

And she carries the carts,

What kind of animal is this?

Who will call?



He's saving his food for the cheeks,

Sometimes he bites painfully.

A small lump,

What is it called, buddy?

(Hamster)think of a riddle about the spring

Such puzzles are very popular with children of different ages. It is worth taking note.

How to think up puzzles on any topic

It will be very interesting to take part indeveloping employment, if the issues will be on various topics. For example, you can think of a riddle about the spring or other season. They can be:


At this time, nature revives,

On the buds of the buds sprout.



At this time, birch sap

Everyone can gather for themselves.

And nature smells and blossoms,

What time is it, friends?



Dresses the trees in unearthly colors,

Gold, scarlet and yellow.

It begins to rain and wind on the street,

What a season, answer me friends.



Nature at this time, as if in a fairy tale,

And under the feet of a colorful carpet.

Poets are inspired by poems and fairy tales,

And the boys go to school in the whole crowd.


Silver covers forests and fields,

What a magical time,

Tell me, friends?

(Winter)to come up with riddles 2 class


Mittens, scarves, hats,

You get out of the rummage.

All because on the street,

In all rages ... (Winter)


The sun warms your cheeks,

The sea lovingly calls,

At this time so beautiful,

After all, people are on holiday.



Waves, sea and sand,

At this time the best friends.

This season is warm to us,

We love him and you.


Such riddles, of course, will be solved by children of different ages. Take them to the note.

What to tell a child who comes up with puzzles

If a son or daughter was asked to go home aloneto compose puzzles, then you need to correctly direct the child to the right rhythm. First and foremost, you should tell the child what is the easiest way to write puzzles, if they did not ask a specific topic. When there is a theme, the ideas will flow the river.

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