What will fluorography show? X-ray blackout in the image

X-rays are called x-ray examination. It consists in photographing the image obtained on a fluorescent screen. This image appears due to the passage through the person. These rays are absorbed by the organs and tissues of the body unevenly.

The digital photofluorograph perceives the energy of X-ray photons by the image digitization system.

Traditional film x-rays produce a reduced image of the object. It can be small-frame, usually 24 by 24 mm or 35 by 35 mm, as well as large-frame, reaching sizes 70 by 70 mm or 100 by 100 mm. The large-frame technique is close to radiography.

The results of fluorography are used by doctors to diagnose tuberculosis. This method has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century. At the moment it is the most informative and accurate way to determine the presence of this disease in humans.

Historical reference

Immediately, two countries claim to be the inventor of the photofluorograph: the United States (Blair) and Italy (Carbasso and Batteli). In 1896, these scientists jointly invented a method for obtaining a fluorescent image of the organs and the human skeleton. It appeared on a special screen as a result of X-rays passing through a person. The photographs were then taken on an ordinary photographic plate.

Nowadays, experts use more modern equipment to take a picture of fluorography, use low doses of radiation, and use photographic film instead of glass plates. But the method itself remains the same.

The definition of tuberculosis due to x-rays came about by chance.

what will fluorography show

For many years, fluorography was considered a complex and expensive technique. The clinics began to use it gradually, in parallel with this, the method itself was improved.

Definition of tuberculosis

Medics were attracted by the possibility of early diagnosis of such a terrible disease as tuberculosis. It was determined simply: if there was a darkening on fluorography, it means that the person is sick. This greatly increased the chances of complete recovery of the patient.

Tuberculosis is a serious disease that was very common around the world. The setting of the first half of the twentieth century contributed to the spread of the disease. Therefore, it was important to be able to diagnose the disease at an early stage.

do x-ray

In 1930, the physician Rheinberg tried to promote fluorography to determine pulmonary diseases, including pneumonia and tuberculosis. But did not receive support. Only in 1947, some clinics began to massively examine workers. When, as a result, it became clear that among a large number of perfectly healthy-looking people, many suffer from tuberculosis, the government thought. This moment was a turning point in the introduction of a general preventive examination.

In our time, tuberculosis is still a common disease. But carrying out fluorography allows to detect it at an early stage. Also determined by the form of the disease. How often do x-rays? All citizens of Russia should be examined annually, after which they are issued a certificate stating that the lungs and heart are normal. Or they will be asked to take additional tests.It all depends on what the fluorography shows.

Difference from x-ray

Many argue that fluorography is a kind of x-ray. To some extent this is true. X-ray is not much different from fluorography, in both cases using the same type of radiation.

To do x-rays, X-rays are sent to a fluorescent screen. During X-ray, the rays are directed onto the photographic plate. This provides the maximum detail of the image of the test organ.

X-ray results

Another difference is that when X-rays, the image is fixed in full size. But the photofluorogram is small. This is economical, but the image itself is not as accurate as an X-ray.

The use of fluorography

Due to the fact that fluorography will show, doctors can diagnose not only tuberculosis, but also a number of other pathological changes that can affect the patient’s lungs and heart.

how often do x-rays

Since the examination is focused on a picture of the human chest, the specialists have created inexpensive, easy to use, but on the same effective mobile fluorography items.They are installed in special cars that travel around remote villages. Now in our country, even the residents of the most distant localities have the opportunity to take X-rays and take care of their health.

Digital fluorography

Modern medical institutions widely use the method of digital fluorography. The principle of operation of this installation is the same as that of the ordinary one. The image goes directly to the specialist computer, there it is digitized and stored.

This method allows the patient not only to receive a medical certificate about the examination, but also to directly see what the fluorography will show. A photofluorogram can also be added to a patient's medical record. In the future, it will be useful to doctors in case of need to make the correct diagnosis or examination of the patient.

Do I need this medical certificate?

Why does a person need to know the results of fluorography? Now, living in the twenty-first century, many believe that tuberculosis affects only people who are socially disadvantaged. In fact, it is not. Anyone can become infected with a tubercle bacillus.From this you can not insure.

X-ray image

Children under fourteen years old in kindergarten or at school are given a tuberculin test called the Mantoux test. The test examines the response of the immune system to a specific test drug. Directly ill with tuberculosis from the sample is impossible, but it is possible to reveal its presence in the body.

Starting at the age of fourteen, everyone should be examined. How often do x-rays? Annually! These precautions allow you to identify the disease in its early stages.

blackout on fluorography

A medical certificate is issued to everyone undergoing fluorography with the result of the examination. Without it, you cannot pass a medical examination and get access to work in a variety of specialties. If a person contacts other people during work, he will definitely need such a certificate. Even the rights to receive without this medical document cannot be.


Fluorography is the most convenient, accurate and error-free way to detect tuberculosis. The diagnosis of a specialist depends on what the fluorography shows. A person at an early stage looks healthy, he has no symptoms of the disease, but at the same time he can unwittingly infect the people around him, including young children.Therefore, it is important to conduct this survey annually.

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