What toys should I buy a child in 2 year

What toys should I buy a child in 2 year

  1. My grandchildren really like a large mosaic, flat puzzles from 4-6-9-12 and further parts. Do not forget about the cubes - make up 4-6 and then the pictures. It's harder than puzzles. Choose games for classification: pictures with the image of a doll, a ball, cars are toys. Clothes, shoes, furniture, animals, etc. Do not forget about the profession: the cook needs a saucepan, a knife, etc., a hairdresser - scissors, a clutch, etc. Children at this age like to sculpt, draw not only with a brush , and fingers. Treat with the baby buttons, large seeds, nuts. Suggest a tray with flour or a manga and let him paint with his finger. Suggest a bowl of cereal and take out small toys, calling them. There are a lot of games, all and not to list.
  2. Ball, cubes, electronic with buttons, dolls, cars, strollers.
  3. for the development of the mind
  4. Toys that can be pulled for a rope, spinning top, xylophone-so that he makes a noise, big cubes-build, load in a dumper, folding cups (a crochet matryoshka), boxes with different slits, from 2-2,5 years, girls and boys can be discriminated in their preferences -machines, dolls.
  5. it seems to me kakietto cubes, etc. To the child developed!
  6. It is better to take games to work with your fingers-sensory. The more a child works with fingers, the better the development of speech and thinking. This is a mosaic of cubes of a musical piano with the sounds of pets, lacing. The store has a huge choice. Even plasticine
    And my personal opinion is better to give the child to try something a month earlier than a week later !! Because all the kids are different .. .that one learns in three years, the other learns in two .... and then a half ... .. We have so with the puzzles turned out ... It turned out - it's too early to give "small "... and then it again - and already" big collects "... Here at once on 400 details and above have passed .. .a small in a frame so in the package and have remained .. .exceeded ...
    And this - to make it easier for you to navigate in the manifold that is now in existence ...
    CHOOSE !!!
    There, and photos, and reviews of those who have already bought .... GOOD LUCK !!!
    I regret that when my children grew up (17 and 15 years), all this was not ....
  8. During the whole early age (from one to three years) the child acquaints, assimilates and improves various objective actions, learns to use household items, play with toys, and also learns speech, which contributes to the development of visual-figurative and symbolic thinking at the next age stage. In the third year of life the child improves his mastered actions with objects, seeks to show his activity, gradually complicating the games. The assortment of necessary toys is expanding, as with the development of dexterity and visual-efficient thinking, crumbs require more complex toys.

    Recognition of the child's achievements on the part of the adult contributes to the fact that the baby is striving for results in activities, which is a kind of statement of his own self. Such an important, intensive age period ends with a crisis of three years, when the child's independence grows and purposefulness in actions is formed.

    For normal and timely development of crumbs, it is necessary to provide a full development environment and the possibility of action with various game material. Consider the main types of gaming activity of a baby of two years and the toys necessary for this.
    Many children, by the age of two, have the ability and desire to establish order in the world around him, the so-called childish pedantry. The child demands the exact observance of all ceremonies, and he does not like it if something is not in its place. Children are happy to lay out toys in places that the adult has determined for them, try to observe the rules in actions with various objects. The crumb has its own toy farm. Given this, you can easily accustom the child to comply with the regime, as well as help the kid organize his activities. This time is the most favorable for making the first step in accustoming to accuracy it will remain with him for life, but if you miss this time, it will be difficult to make up for it.

    By two years, it is necessary to provide the child with his own space. Whether it's a play area or a whole children's room, the child must understand how this space is organized. Every thing should have its place and purpose, first of all it concerns toys, after all it is the property of the kid. Organize space will help shelves, shelving, boxes, baskets, etc. Cubes and a construction designer should be located on the floor, so that the baby will be more convenient to make buildings. For actions with some toys (liners, tops, pictures, etc.) you will need a children's table and high chair. To play in the dolls, you must take away the playing corner with the necessary doll utensils (cot, dishes, clothes, etc.). In addition, it is important to provide free space on the floor for playing ball, transporting toys in typewriters and the same buildings from cubes. Favorite toys baby, which must appear at this age, should also be located in an accessible place, for example, on the lower shelves of the rack, so that the kid does not resort to your help when he wants to play with them. On the upper shelves should be placed those toys that require special, careful attitude. In such a thoughtful space, the child will be easier to organize his actions and maintain order.

    The desire of the baby to act as it should, that is, as the adult has determined, will help you to accustom a child to order in different areas of life and to instill good habits. Remember, it is important for the kid to know that he is doing the right thing to feel independent and to receive from you praise for his own actions.

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What toys should I buy a child in 2 year What toys should I buy a child in 2 year What toys should I buy a child in 2 year What toys should I buy a child in 2 year What toys should I buy a child in 2 year What toys should I buy a child in 2 year