What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is at the peak of tourist popularity, fascinates at any time of the year. Many travelers are sure that it is more pleasant to meet him in warm, sunny weather, and in the winter in the cold and damp North Venice there is nothing to do.

However, this time is ideal for budget holidays, and the cost of living in the low season is minimal. Hotel prices will pleasantly surprise guests, there are no queues for excursions, and nothing, except a strong wind, does not interfere with enjoying the wondrous beauty of the city. It is only necessary to capture warm waterproof clothing and an umbrella.

The beauty of the snowy city

Strict lines of the city, decorated with garlands and lanterns, expressive day and night.The cultural capital of Russia in a snow frame is beautiful in winter too. What to see in St. Petersburg this time? It’s impossible to see all its sights, but we will tell you what to pay special attention to. Winter fun in North Palmyra, worthy of bearing a long history, are of a completely different nature.what to see in St. Petersburg in winter

Winter weather

A visit to St. Petersburg in the winter has its advantages, although the weather often shows a capricious nature. However, nothing can spoil the impression of a wonderful city! Warm enough to get dressed, prepare waterproof shoes and hit the road. January and February are considered the coldest months.

The weather of the Northern Venice, which is unstable in nature, differs in wet winter. There are very few sunny days, but due to humidity any decrease in temperature even by one degree is felt like a severe frost. Often there are winds, and snowfalls are replaced by torrential rains.

In winter, it begins to darken by three o'clock in the afternoon, and it is worth hurrying to get closer to the main monuments.

Treasury of unique sights

The question of what to see in St. Petersburg in the winter interests all tourists.A glorious city, the sights of which leave an indelible mark on the soul, will show only a small part of the priceless treasures. Guests want to see as many famous monuments as possible, but there is not enough time for everything, and you have to choose in the hope that the next time you will be able to catch up. Even if you walk around the historic center, immersed in an amazing atmosphere and enjoying the architectural heritage, vivid impressions are guaranteed.

St. Petersburg in winter: where to go and what to see?

A winter visit to the city on the Neva, which is fascinating only at the mere mention of it, provides a unique opportunity to devote more time to exploring the museum wealth. What kind of cultural institutions are not in the northern capital! And it’s best to begin acquaintance with her with an elegant Winter Palace located on Palace Embankment. Rastrelli's unique work was erected by decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. A striking example of Baroque, whose facades are decorated with columns, impresses with its grandeur. The former imperial residence today is the main building of the Hermitage - a major cultural and historical museum.what can be seen in st. petersburg in winter


Even a week is not enough to see the collection of unique artifacts.A visit to the witness of Russian history, which holds more than three million artifacts, is a fascinating journey into the world of genuine works of art. The former Imperial Museum impresses with its amazing beauty, and in addition to the stored masterpieces, the interiors of the spacious halls are of great artistic value, because the decoration was created by brilliant architects who worked in different styles.

Hiking around the city

The best way to get to know Peter is to walk through it. Tourists coming to the New Year know exactly where to go to St. Petersburg in the winter. The avenues and streets of the city, full of unspeakable charm, remember the history of bygone days and keep the memory of what St. Petersburg was like several centuries ago. Hiking will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. And photos of architectural monuments will forever capture the magical atmosphere of a snow-covered open-air museum.

The lively Nevsky Prospect, the majestic Palace Square, the mysterious embankments of Fontanka and the Moika ... Even tourists who are already familiar with them say that in the winter they appear in a completely new quality.

Palace Square

Most vacationers begin their journey with the Palace Square - an architectural ensemble that emerged in the late XVIII century. The favorite place of indigenous people and tourists, which well-known architects worked on, got its name from the Winter Palace. It is here that stands Alexander Column weighing more than 600 tons, topped with a figure of an angel leaning to the ground with a cross. The Messenger of God tramples the serpent, symbolizing victory over Napoleon.St. Petersburg where to go what to see in the winter

Here on the New Year is set decorated with Christmas lights, the main tree of St. Petersburg. On the square is located the Admiralty building - the hallmark of the city, striking architectural beauty. At leisurely strolling tourists do not even have questions about what to see in the evening in St. Petersburg in the winter. When the lights are lit, the architectural gem is filled with people. Here street musicians play, you can sing on the karaoke stage, take part in fun competitions.

Entertainment event for the New Year

The most beautiful and spectacular celebration of the New Year is held on this square, where real miracles come to life.On December 31, a unique light show will start here, which will immerse all guests walking before dawn into the fairy world, and the most ordinary things will get an unusual look. At night, the gloomy sky will light up with flashes of festive fireworks, while the multi-colored lights will give a sense of wonder.

New Year's magic

Northern Venice, in which the romantic atmosphere always reigns, delights with expressive illumination. Glittering lights remind of the imperial grandeur of the former capital of Russia. For more than three thousand objects illuminated using technology similar to that used to decorate the Eiffel Tower, individual projects have been developed.

City Business Card

And only Nevsky Prospect over four kilometers is made in a single light solution, and tourists who dreamed of walking along the main street know what to see in St. Petersburg in the winter. Traveling through the city’s business card will help to get closer to him, to see what was previously hidden from view. A walk is an exciting event that allows you to dive into the history of the main tourist center of the country.In addition to aesthetic pleasure, Nevsky Prospect, where you can fully experience the rhythm of life, will give you a merry bustle, and those who are freezing will be treated to hot chocolate or spicy mulled wine. what to see in the evening in St. Petersburg in winter

Yusupov Palace

Tourists are interested in advance what can be seen in St. Petersburg in the winter, and it is no coincidence that they go to the Moika Embankment, where the famous Yusupov Palace is located, where it is impossible to get there in summer. A real treasure for true connoisseurs of beauty is hidden under the inexpressive facade The well-preserved interior, the design of which reflected all the directions that prevailed in Russian architecture, was created by skilled hands of talented artists.where to go in St. Petersburg in winter

The palace-manor complex, built over 200 years, is a monument of culture and history. A small mansion provides a unique opportunity to present pictures of life and life of the nobles who lived here until 1917, and also reveals the tastes of aristocrats that reigned in society. The palace has kept the special aura of its masters, and the atmosphere of the nobility is felt everywhere.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

A city that falls in love at first sight is considered a major Orthodox center of Russia.Believers go here to worship the dear shrines, and tourists enjoy visiting religious monuments, among which the most beautiful St. Isaac's Cathedral stands alone. Dazzling with the gold of the high domes, it deserves the attention even of those guests who frequently visit North Venice and are interested in advance about what to see in St. Petersburg in the winter. Even the most sophisticated traveler does not pass by the monumental building, where guests leave a piece of their soul. Against the background of snow-covered trees, the temple looks fabulous!what to see in St. Petersburg in winter

The architectural monument, made in the style of neoclassicism, is famous for its colonnade, which is always full of people admiring the wonderful panorama.

St. Petersburg: where to go, what to see in winter

A modern city full of attractions, will not let anyone get bored. In winter, you can spend your leisure time fascinatingly and intensely: go to the snow-covered parks, to the skating rinks, immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, visit unique labyrinths - interactive entertainment, resembling a quest.

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter? You can go to the oldest museum not only in North Palmyra, but in the whole of Russia.The Kunstkamera, created at the behest of Peter I at the beginning of the 18th century, has a luxurious collection of wonders from all over the country. Tourists, walking on floors, find themselves in Latin America, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand and other countries. World tour around the world - a real gift for city guests on holidays.

Where to go with children?

And those who came to the cultural capital with children will not have to think long about what to see in St. Petersburg for children in the winter. Kids will be interested to visit the Hermitage, take a walk through the Winter Palace, go to one of the many museums.

On Kamskaya Street there is a unique museum of dolls, created on the basis of private collections. More than five thousand exhibits that attract with their mystery will delight the little guests. There are workshops where new toys are made, and each guest who has attended master classes will be able to make a doll with the help of museum staff.

Where to go in St. Petersburg in the winter with the children yet? When the capricious weather does not allow you to walk around the city for a long time, it is best to go to the indoor water park "Peterland" on Primorsky Avenue.The huge complex with high slides, a wave pool, water mazes, a surfing school makes you forget about everything and gives you a great mood.

Museum-Theater "Skazkin House"

The children will be pleased to get acquainted with the heroes of Russian and foreign fairy tales in a unique place located in the Alexander Park. The interactive museum-theater organizes performances for children, where everyone becomes a participant in the New Year's performance. The little girl who has appeared in the magic country hides from terrible wolves, plays with three piglets, helps to run away from Fox Kolobok, meets Red Riding Hood and Puss in boots. The Skazkin House, where bright shows are held, is a marvelous corner where no one will be bored. Through popular wisdom, children are inculcated moral values.

sights of st. petersburg in winter

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get acquainted with all the sights of St. Petersburg in the winter. Guests who have visited the glorious city of Peter from December to February will not appreciate the power of the magnificent fountains of Peterhof and will not see the most interesting attraction - the opening of bridges. They do not ride on the river tram, admiring the beautiful scenery.Perhaps someone will not see the unique beauty of Venice of the North, shrouded in gray mists and blown by chilly winds.

However, if you follow our route, the tourist center will open with a new side. Travelers will see how friendly this city, hidden under a snow blanket, and everyone will take away only pleasant memories.

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What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 58

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 48

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 32

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 25

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 77

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 91

What to see in St. Petersburg in the winter: attractions, interesting ideas and recommendations 12