What to see in Bali?

Bali is an island with a huge number of interesting and stunning places, unreal in its beauty. If you plan to go to this paradise, then you, of course, are interested in what to see in Bali?

Bali Island is not very big. Its territory is only 5600km2. However, sightseeing tours here are much more than in the whole of Indonesia. Conventionally, excursions can be divided into adventure, active, sightseeing, combined and sea. The main objects visited by tourists are temples, volcanoes, various parks with birds and animals, botanical gardens. Consider some of them in more detail.

Bali Attractions

There are about two thousand temples in Bali. A characteristic feature of all Indonesian temples is the presence of a large number of ornaments carved out of stone in the form of various trees and all sorts of flowers. Temples were erected everywhere: in courtyards, in cemeteries and markets, in rice plantations and river banks. Small palaces can be found even in the jungle itself.According to the Balinese beliefs, it is believed that the sacred temples help to prevent misfortunes, and keep those who live with them nearby.

Balinese temples are insular, ordinary and special, and are intended for people of different classes and social groups. One of the most important temples is considered to be the “Mother of Bali” temple - Pura Besakih. Built it over a thousand years ago. The temple is located on the slope of the Gunung Agung mountain, on which, according to local beliefs, all the gods of the island live. This temple is the most famous on the island. Its complex has 7 terraces, on which more than 30 different temples are located.

Between the village of Singaraia and the town of Denpasar there is a temple "Bro", which is an excellent place for walking. The temple of the royal family "Ayun Mengvi" - one of the most beautiful temples in Bali, also deserves special attention.

In the south-western part is located "Tanah Lot" - an important marine temple of the island of Bali. It was built on a high rock that rises from the water. At the time of the tide to get to the temple can only be on the ladder, as it is surrounded by sea waves. At the foot of the temple a lot of sea snakes. According to local beliefs, they keep the temple from unexpected visitors and evil spirits.

"Bird Park" and "Reptile Park"

The park of birds and reptiles is located near Kuta.The park is nothing more than a tropical forest, on the territory of which there are open-air cages, which are almost invisible and several hectares of gardens. There are about 250 species of various birds. A visit to the park will allow you to get in touch with the natural world in close proximity and watch the birds. During the walk you will be able to see the Balinese starlings, Australian cockatoo and many other exotic representatives of birds. Next door is a reptile park, where you can watch the dragon "Komodo" - the only surviving descendant of dinosaurs. Also in a wide variety here are all kinds of lizards, crocodiles and snakes. Even in the park there is a restaurant and a shop with souvenir.

"Monkey Forest"

Not far from the village of Sangeh there is the Monkey Forest, which is located on an area of ​​almost 6 hectares. In the park you will see many primates of various species that live on giant nutmeg trees (trees often reach forty meters in height) and in the territory of the Puri Bukit temple, which is located in the central part of the forest. Monkeys happily welcome guests.And they are waiting to be treated with dried fruits and nuts, which are sold by enterprising local residents. Next door is a crocodile nursery. Here you can find about 300 species of reptiles of various species from different parts of Indonesia.

"Elephant Park"

In the cool jungles of the village of Taro, near the village of Ubud is located "Park of elephants." Here you can watch the animals in their habitat. See how elephants take water procedures, how lazily sunbathe in the sun, or walk through the jungle. In the park you can even feed the animals with your hand. Employees of the park will tell you about the history of its creation and about all kinds of elephants. Here you can buy various souvenirs. Also in the park you can ride an elephant on horseback, or take a ride for your children, for whom you will be kindly provided with small elephants.

Volcano "Kinatamani"

This volcano is interesting because it has a double crater. The last three eruptions were in 1927, 1929 and 1947. In place of one of the craters after several strongest eruptions, the lake “Batur” was formed, which is considered the largest lake in Bali.Its depth does not change during the year (regardless of the dry season or the rainy season). There are also hot springs in this area.

"Art Village"

When choosing what to see in Bali, also turn your attention to the village of Ubud, which is the intellectual and artistic center of Bali. Around her grouped the village, in each of which specialize in some kind of craft. In the village of Tohbati, you can learn about the production of Balinese exclusive batik. The town of Maas will surprise you with beautiful wood carvings. And in Ubud itself, you can visit the museum of the artist A. Blanco, who immigrated to Bali in the 50th year.

In Bali, the places are very contrasting. On the one hand, the ancient architecture surprises you with its beauty, and on the other, the unexplored corners of nature. So whatever you decide to look at Bali, you definitely will not be bored.

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