What to say at the wedding?

For most people at a wedding party, speaking is the most intimidating. Someone is afraid to seem overly intrusive, while others, on the contrary, are silent. But this will not happen if you know what to say at the wedding and prepare a speech for this event in advance.

Who and when to make a speech

According to a long established tradition, the first words at a wedding are given by the father of the bride, then the groom and the witness. It happens that the father is very nervous or there is no father at all, then the godfather, uncle, brother of the bride should replace him.

Most often, the wedding ceremony is led by the toastmaster, he appoints who and when he offers wedding greetings and toasts. If the celebration of celebration is held without a toastmaster, then the introductory word, as a rule, takes the best man. It is he who decides what to say at the wedding, who will make this or that speech, when to start and when to finish.

What should be the speech

A person who will give a speech at a celebration should know about the purpose of his speech. This may be thanks to the parents of the newlyweds, toasts, thanks to the guests or the answer to the previous speaker. Beautiful and clever speech - decoration of any wedding.

It is considered bad form to use someone's ready-made words in speech and just to memorize them. Remember that none of those present will notice the manifestation of sincere feelings, and the inept, modest speeches made will look much better than the narrated poem without a single stitch.

How to prepare for the speech

Speech should not be very long, so as not to tire the listeners, reduce it to 4-5 minutes. When preparing a speech, note the time and read what is written in front of the mirror, so you can be sure that you are keeping within the allotted time and follow the facial expressions and gestures, and you may have to correct something. Ask your relatives to listen to you, perhaps they will tell you what else you can add to your speech.

In order not to forget what words are spoken at the wedding, write down some moments of speech on small cheat-sheets. Such a smart move will revive the speech and give it the appearance of spontaneity, and this is always pleasant to the audience and it works advantageously. Introduce the words, memorize, and write down the connecting phrases.

Before you start speaking, the speaker must stand up.This will attract the attention of guests and express your respect for those present. After the speech, you need to invite guests to get up and raise their glasses. Wait until the glasses are filled and drunk. Be sure to thank for your attention.

At wedding celebrations, they usually make toasts for the bride and groom, for the parents of the newlyweds, for the happiness of the newlyweds. What exactly to say in each particular case is up to you. Usually, after toast and drunk alcohol sounds: "Bitter!". A kiss is a merging of souls, and a kissing wish means a wish to be one and healthy.

After such preparation, not a single wedding party will take you by surprise. Consider that it is necessary to prepare for such a responsible celebration in advance.

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