What to give to a friend for the wedding?

It is sometimes difficult to determine what to give a friend for a wedding. After all, this gift should be not just the right thing in the family, but also to remind you of your strong friendship. Therefore, before thinking about the gift, you need to understand, and what the friend himself would like to have is from you, and at the same time that it would be useful to him in a new, family life.

Compiling a list of gifts

First of all, you need to focus, think, and make a list of what a young family needs at first. Of course, this is money. They can also be given as gifts, but they can be presented very creatively so that the gift will be remembered. Because as soon as your money gets into the general wedding piggy bank, the image of your gift will evaporate. In order for the gift to remain in the newlyweds' house for a long time, capturing the memory of you personally, you need to present something substantial.

Gift examples

Young people always need many things. For example, household appliances (from inexpensive mixers and toasters to washing machines and plasma televisions). In the middle price category are bread makers, very modern multicookers (just for the novice mistress!), Food processors.

In addition, the house always needs textiles: tablecloths, towels, bed linen included. To make your gift stand out, try to find clothes with a certain pattern. If your friend understands humor, then with angels and hearts, even with funny pictures. You can choose a towel that is expensive and beautiful, or you can choose from different inscriptions, such as “Love with love, but wash yourself on time!” The same story with towels. They can be with embroidered names, with wedding or love attributes.

The next item on the list of things to give a friend for a wedding, you can become very female kitchen accessories! A good expensive pot will serve for a very long time, and will delight the hostess. A tea set will even accompany all the romantic evenings of the young. For a set of cutlery, your friends will tell you a special “Thank you!”, Despite the superstition that you can’t give knives. In case you are going to give the dishes, engrave them. It is not expensive, but it will make your gift exclusive and memorable for many years.

Examples of unusual gifts

You can not go shopping in search of your favorite gift, and give the young themselves to choose a gift. A good way out is a gift certificate.Now in many stores and firms practiced this type of purchase. You can adjust the price of the certificate yourself, although the future gift item will be more expensive. For example, you bought a certificate for cosmetics for young people for 3 thousand rubles. Your groom friend can then decide for himself whether to buy a box of shaving foam or a small bottle of exclusive perfumes for his wife.

And if you buy a young certificate for the services of a travel company? It will be great! Young people will be able to add some amount and go on a honeymoon trip! Just buy this type of certificate so that it is not limited to the direction and time frame. And everything else with great pleasure will come up with the newlyweds.

You can also purchase a certificate at a sanatorium, which is close to your city, where young people can go for a weekend. They will be able to do exotic treatments there (unusual massage, pearl baths, salt caves, body wraps, etc.)

If there are good tourist bases in your area, horse clubs, they organize hunting, fishing, and young people respect these activities, then buy them as a gift for you!

How to present a gift

You have already decided what to give to a wedding for your friends, now you need to come up with a beautiful packaging and a presentation form. Find or write your own interesting poems, or congratulations in prose. Recall an interesting case from your life, interpret it as a prerequisite for marriage. You will need a beautiful box or package no matter what you put in them. You can ask the young ones to guess what lies in the beautiful packaging, give them funny tips.

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