What to give to a boy of preschool age

It's no secret that in our country it is customarygive gifts for birthdays and other popular holidays. Already in the first month of life, on the bride's eyes, guests bring gifts. In this case, many do not know what you can give a child, a girl or a boy.

What to give a newborn boy? In this matter it is best to consult his parents. As a rule, in the first year of life, gifts are "ordered". Young parents most often prepare for the appearance of the baby, which means that they acquire in advance essentials, clothes and a crib with a stroller. Therefore, any major gift should be coordinated - it is possible that this thing has already been bought.

What to give a boy in the first year of his life? Very often they give clothes. Children grow quickly, and the baby in the first year requires a whole bunch of different sliders and raspashonok. This is true, but there are certain nuances. Do not buy things of the smallest size, especially if the baby has not been born yet. It is possible that a newborn baby will be large, and clothes will be small. A good gift for the boy in his first year of life will be a suit for walking - in this case, the main thing is to be sure that the rest of the guests will not buy costumes of this size either. Cases when parents give the baby the same things are not rare. You can donate cosmetics for the care of newborns (powder, shampoos, bath foam), as well as diapers. Such things are consumed and are required constantly.

What to give a boy for 1 year? Similarly, you can give clothes - kids at this age begin to walk a lot, walk with their legs, which means they constantly get dirty and get dirty. Replaceable, durable and wear-resistant clothing at this age is simply necessary. In addition, children at this age are actively interested in squeaking and rustling toys, cars that can drive, etc. Therefore, a truck or a railway will be an excellent gift for a boy at this age. The main thing is that it does not contain small parts and is as simple and durable as possible - kids at this age are still actively trying things on the tooth.

What to give a boy between the ages of one and twoyears? An active and inquisitive child will like a variety of educational games, cubes, balls. You can give a set of markers, crayons, colored gel pens and a big album. Children at this age are happy to deduce on paper colorful Christmas calf-malyaki.

What to give a boy for 3 years? Three-year-olds are very inquisitive, and also very smart. A quiet child who appreciates solitude and loves intellectual pursuits, you can give a mosaic or a designer like "Lego". Active and mobile - all kinds of pistols, fire and police cars. Of great importance is the fact that from this age the restriction on the age of "children under 3 years old" is removed, and hence practically any toys become available.

There is not a single child at this age who woulddid not admire radio-controlled models. An airplane or a helicopter with a remote control, a toy car in which you can ride, a tricycle will be an excellent gift for the child.

What to give a boy 4, 5 years? This is better to ask him himself. A child at this age often goes shopping and knows perfectly which toys are sold there. If a one-year-old kid for the most part does not care how to play, then a four-year-old may well reject a displeased gift.

The same applies to older children. Agree that even adults do not like to receive unnecessary gifts, and what to say from small children. To make the gift a surprise, you can ask your parents what your child wants to get for the birthday.

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What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age What to give to a boy of preschool age