What to give a farewell?

February 5, 2015
What to give a farewell?

Farewell, separation for a long time or for a short period of time is always an ordeal for loving or friendly people. It is rarely easy, even if you simply treat the person well. And then the desire to give an interesting gift is the best way to express your kind feelings, appreciation: whether it will be graduation, retirement or just moving to another city or country. Who knows, you may never see again!

Sentimental gift to a friend

A good friend who you part with for a long time can be presented with a universal gift, bringing to the next chapter of his life all the warm feelings experienced together. We are talking about an ordinary photo album. Yes, a bit old-fashioned, but with taste. Such a gift, decorated not only with photographs, but also with funny collages and inscriptions will “warm the heart” of a friend in separation.

More options for "friendly" gifts

It can be a pocket or wrist watch, not necessarily expensive. But try to find an engraver and make a memorable inscription on the subject.The text is arbitrary, but very warm: here you can express wishes, confess friendship and love, and the like. A less original gift - cufflinks and a tie may also be suitable for a man or a young man.

A gift to the girl upon separation

When parting, a girl can be given a medallion with a joint photo for a long time. On the reverse side is a memorable engraving with a declaration of love and devotion “to the grave”. A good "female" gift, talking about mutual feelings - a ring with a stone (preferably, selected according to the sign of the zodiac) or other jewelry, but not too expensive. Of course, if you are an oligarch, you can donate an emerald necklace!

What to give a farewell employee

When you retire at parting, it is also customary to give mementoes. Especially if the employee is valuable and respected, has authority among colleagues. Moreover, such a gift, as a rule, is collective, which means that you can choose a rather expensive and worthy of attention. So, having made a certain intelligence (which this person already has in order not to be mistaken), we choose the options. The best is a ticket to rest in hot countries or to a domestic rest home.This is a look at your means. You can give a laptop, camcorder or tablet - it is also always useful.

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