What if my feet are sweating?

Today you had a great day! You managed to remake a bunch of important things, and now squeezed like a lemon. Nevertheless, the mood is great and you are in a hurry to go home to finally relax! And here you are at home. You are trying to quickly remove your shoes so that your legs can rest. How nice to walk home barefoot! But suddenly, the horror! What kind of "flavor"? You throw a suspicious look at your feet and realize that once again in the evening you will wash your socks. The mood is falling ... Or here it is: you are sitting in a company visiting a friend, and a handsome young man is calling you to a slow dance. And you spent the whole evening in a corner, shamefully hiding his legs away from the rest. And you refuse. Maybe this particular guy could be the best for you? So, stop. We will not spoil our mood and life because of such annoying features of the legs, but we will fight with it!

Key recommendations

And once again you ask yourself the question: "My legs are sweating. What should I do?" Perhaps, you pay too little attention to your legs, and they revenge you meanly? And in vain.After all, they also require care, no less than the face or hair. First, follow the simple rules of foot care:

  • When you wash in the shower, do not be lazy to wash your feet with a soapy washcloth. Remember that on the legs during the day accumulates a very large number of germs. They need to be killed, because they are the main cause of sweating feet.
  • Pumice - your best friend for the care of the feet. It is designed to remove excess skin. First of all, it concerns the skin of the heels. Dead skin, which accumulates on the surface of the heels, is even more popular among germs. So do not let them live on your precious heels! Actively use pumice stone, but do not overdo it.
  • Pay attention to all areas of the skin of the foot. Many people neglect the skin between the fingers, and the microbes remain, soon causing an unpleasant smell. Wash your feet thoroughly, without missing a single millimeter!
  • After washing your feet, be sure to dry well. Wet feet - again a tasty morsel for microorganisms.

Remedies for sweating feet

It happens that the rules of hygiene is not enough, and you need to float more effective means.For those whose feet sweat, the following tips will be helpful.

Pay attention to your shoes and socks. They should be kept clean and tidy. Change socks and tights often, and shoes are advised to wear with a small gap. For example, you have two pairs of shoes: today you are wearing one and the other is drying, then vice versa. Take your insoles out of your shoes often and also dry them.

If during the day you need to remove shoes not at home, and the smell is disturbing, try to find yourself socks made from absorbent synthetics.

Deodorants, talc, sprays and creams. The antiperspirant helps to get rid of foot odor and sweating, but it must contain aluminum oxides. It is good to use creams for the night, talc can process the skin between the fingers right in the morning.

Boric acid. Its crystals should be crushed to a state of powder. This means you need to sprinkle the feet and skin between the fingers every day, and in the evening to wash off with hot water. This treatment lasts two weeks.

You can sprinkle the powder from the oak bark legs and socks from the inside. The product is used until the legs stop sweating less.

Every day, wash your feet several times with cold water.

Every evening for 10 minutes, keep your feet in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

You can keep your feet in the broth of oak bark. To prepare the broth, you need to take 50-100 g of oak bark per liter of water, boil for half an hour over low heat. Also helps a decoction of oatmeal straw.

Take 150 g of oats, barley straw and wheat grass. Crush and mix the herbs, then fill them with cotton socks. These socks should be worn every night, in the morning you should wash your feet with water at room temperature and dry thoroughly with a towel.

When the legs sweat a lot

And what to do, if legs strongly sweat? And for this situation there are several useful recipes.

Every day, without sugar, drink one cup of sage broth.

After washing, rinse your feet with a solution of alum. The solution needs 50 ml. boiled water and 3 teaspoons of burnt alum.

A solution of oak and honey bark: mix 2 tablespoons of linden honey and chopped oak bark, pour 1 l. warm water and add 5 tablespoons of salt. Legs should be kept in broth for 20 minutes, then washed with water at room temperature and dried thoroughly.

Bay leaf compress: boil bay leaves, strain water and pour into a small amount of sapropel mud (250 g).Let the mass soften well, then it needs to be mixed. The resulting tool with a thick layer must be applied to the feet and hold for 25 minutes. Then you need to gently remove the product, wash the feet and dry with a towel. Do the procedure weekly.

From time to time, soak the surface of the shoe from the inside with formalin solution.

If sweating does not pass, and even accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, you should consult a dermatologist.

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