What does hell look like?

Orthodox believe that an unbaptized person can never go to heaven. In addition, throughout life, it is necessary to adhere to all creeds, to communion, to perform good deeds and to keep the purity of the spirit. Only God can determine where the soul of the deceased will go, to heaven or Hell?


Hell is the abyss, the place where dead sinners and outcast angels experience eternal punishment. According to one of the concepts of Orthodoxy, the progenitors committed the fall, after which Hell was filled with the souls of all the dead, and sinners and the righteous. Some souls in Hell began to preach that universal deliverance from suffering was nearing. Christ, after being crucified on the cross, descended into Hell and destroyed it, taking away the righteous souls and the souls of sinners who accepted faith in heaven. To this day, it is not known what will happen to the souls of all the saints, only God knows this. Soon the Last Judgment will come, and the sinful souls will go to Hell, and the pious will go to heaven.

The most terrible sin is the absence of works of mercy and not following the commandments of God by those people who know these commandments.In Hell, the worst punishment is not physical violence, but moral. The torments of conscience are worse than bodily agony.

Reigns the Ball in Hell Lucifer (Satan) is the angel of light who was cast out of paradise along with other fallen angels. Satan is the executioner of mankind, and he himself redeems his sin. So what does Hell look like in Christianity? Hell is depicted as divine justice, led by Satan and demons, as the place where the most terrible torture occurs for crimes committed under the hellish criminal code. Most importantly, this torment has no end or edge. There is no time in Hell, one inferno.

What hell might look like


What does hell look like? Photos or other pictures of Hell regarding paganism, you will not find. The thing is that the pagans did not have Hell. Already after the proclamation of the Christian faith, faith in Hell also appeared. There was also no idea of ​​paradise. It was believed that after death, a person finds himself simply in another World, in which there are normal conditions for existence. There will be both good and bad, just like on Earth. There is darkness, light, heat and cold. There you can see the sun and clouds. The pagans nevertheless believed that happiness should be sought precisely on Earth, since it is here that life was given to us.

What hell might look like


Hell have their own ideas and rich minds of mankind - writers.What does hell look like in Dante's Divine Comedy?

  • Hell has its own strict underworld system. It consists of 9 laps, and in the center is Lucifer, frozen in ice.
  • This Hell is like the one that Aristotle imagined. In the “Nicomachean Ethics,” the great philosopher attributed the sin of incontinence to the category — 1, the sin of violence — to the 2nd category, and deception — to the 3rd. Dante took the sin of incontinence to circles 2-5, violence to the 7th circle, deception to the 8th, betrayal to the 9th. The more material the sin, the easier it is.
  • Hell looks like a funnel, consisting of many circles, its end is very narrow and it rests on the very center of the Earth. At the beginning of Hell are the souls of the most insignificant people, in the first circle you can meet those who could not know God. Down below, you can see gluttons, who suffer from hail and rain, squandering and misers, always rolling heavy stones, heretics, murderers, suicides, tyrants and other sinners.
  • Flour there is very different. The 9th round is for the worst offenders. Here is Judas, Cassius and Brutus. Lucifer gnaws them with three mouths, his look inspires horror.

If you are interested in the presentation of Dante, take a look at the screen version of his famous poem.Looks like Hell, video and photos can be viewed on the Internet.

What hell might look like

There are a lot of ideas about how Hell looks. But many writers in their books indicate that it is full of smoke, sulfur and fire. There is darkness, heat and gloom. Blessed Augustine in the V century described Hell like this: “Hell can still be called a lake of sulfur and fire. He is the real fire. It is he who burns and tortures the damned and the devils. They all have one fate - fire. ”

Tormenting tundal

In 1149, a monk lived in Ireland who wrote the treatise Vision of Tundal. Church Fathers believed that this monk is the divine elect, and he was able to see the real Hell in life. The hero of his manuscript - a knight named Tundal sinned a lot and his guardian angel decided to show the sinner where he would go if he did not settle down. Tundal saw a huge plain, which was completely dotted with burning coals. On the bars of sinners roasted demons. With sharp hooks, these terrible demons tortured the flesh of heretics and pagans.

Further, Tundal saw a monster with brightly glowing eyes - Acheron. He had to go through an endless bridge, no larger than a palm. Under this bridge, he saw hungry evil monsters who dreamed of a knight falling directly into their mouths. At the end of the bridge, he met a large bird that devoured it with a huge beak and flew away.Tundal realized his mistakes, and you? Surely no one knows how it is in Hell and whether it exists at all. But it is better to be safe and lead the life of a person who will not be afraid at the Court.

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