What should poor families in Russia do?

The subsistence minimum should be understoodconsumer basket, which necessarily includes the necessary products of food and non-food nature, various types of services, as well as tax payments. So, it is a key link ensuring the health of citizens and their full-fledged life. The subsistence minimum is formed from the income received by the family. What benefits are provided to low-income families and how to apply for them? These and other questions can be found in the article, because from the state, payments of material nature in the direction of the poor are made periodically.

what is necessary for poor families?

What family can be considered needy?

Initially, it should be noted that the level of incomeper capita is the key, but by no means the only indicator used to identify citizens who undoubtedly need material and other support from the state. By the way, a condition is mandatory, according to which persons who are waiting for social assistance develop a common economy and live together.

Who should be included here and what benefits?are poor families in Moscow and the Moscow region? Strange as it may seem, in 2016, in the process of answering this question, he gave no new information to the society, and, accordingly, did not surprise him. Just like before, the family means living together and developing the common household spouses (children and parents, stepdaughters (stepchildren) and stepmothers with stepfathers, adopted and adoptive parents, brothers and sisters, and so on). By the way, according to the law, the right to receive first-priority support from the state is used by large families and incomplete families, as well as those in which the disabled or pensioners live.

What else?

Despite this, spouses who do not have children, orone parent who independently brings up his child, if necessary, can also file papers for the provision of social assistance. It should be added that the poor are exclusively those families who are in a difficult financial situation. In addition, the relevant circumstances should in no way depend on them. That is why families that contain parents-parasites on a conscious level or supporters of alcoholic beverages can not be considered as needy.

what kind of payments are made to poor families

State social assistance and its classification

What do poor families need? Initially, it should be noted that activities to support low-income population are carried out both at the level of the federation and in the regions. Thus, assistance from the state aimed at low-income families is produced in accordance with the following types:

  • Compensation and benefits of a monetary nature.
  • Assistance of a natural nature: shoes, clothing, food, medicine, fuel and other commodities.
  • Increased subsidies for payment of housing and communal services, some tax benefits, as well as the right to free legal advice.

For an absolute understanding of these items, it is advisable to consider them in more detail.

what is necessary for needy families in Moscow?

Payments of a social nature

What are the payments to low-income families? It is important to note that allowances for low-income families are usually assigned in accordance with different sizes. First of all, this depends on the subject of the Russian Federation and the benefits that were paid earlier. In particular, low-income Moscow families can safely expect the state to provide child support monthly. In addition, the amount of the amount paid is determined by taking into account the composition of the family and the age of the child. What is necessary for needy families in Moscow with one child? It should be noted that the maximum allowance goes to a child from 1.5 to three years, raised by one parent in a low-income family. So, in 2016 the maximum was fixed directly in Moscow - 4 500 rubles. per month.

what is necessary for needy families in Moscow with one child?

That's not all…

What benefits are available to low-income families inMoscow region? In addition to those that relate to instruments of social support, both in Moscow and in other regions, the widespread practice of lump-sum payments of a targeted nature is known. For example, for schoolchildren by the beginning of the school year, or to provide additional nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women.

By the way, students of institutions of primary and secondaryvocational education and students of higher education institutions who were born in low-income families, in any case, a state social scholarship is awarded.

Payments for the third child

What benefits are provided to low-income families in Russia? It will be worthwhile to note separately the monthly payment of the allowance for a third child up to three years and, of course, for subsequent children. By the way, this allowance was related exclusively to the kids who were born after 2012. In addition, an obligatory condition in this case is a lower income of the family per capita than the subsistence level.

payments to low-income families in Moscow

Benefits for children of additional character

What do poor families need? An important component of state support is the ability of children from low-income families to enter the competition both in public and private universities. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the following conditions:

  • In a low-income family, only one parent lives, who has a disability not lower than the first group.
  • A potential student from a low-income family did not reach the age of twenty.
  • A potential student successfully coped with the introductory tests, he scored the originally established score (in accordance with the USE or entrance exams).

What do poor families in Moscow need? In addition to the above points, social programs to support poor people also include a social service to provide children with trips to sanatoriums and various kinds of dispensaries (of course, with appropriate medical facilities). It is important to supplement that such a service from the state is provided annually.

Housing issue

What do poor families need? If such a family needs accommodation in accordance with the law, it has the right to queue for an apartment for the needy, after which the state will provide free housing in accordance with the contract of social hiring. These kinds of guarantees are taken into account by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. What should poor families in Russia do? In addition to this possibility, low-income families can purchase housing on the terms of a social mortgage. So, unlike the rules of commercial mortgage, this option implies some benefits in relation to the value of real estate. In addition, in this case, the state provides additional guarantees of social nature.

what are the benefits for low-income families and how to apply for them?

Tax breaks and subsidies for payment of housing and communal services

As noted above, absolutely everya low-income family has the right to benefit from support from the state with regard to payment of an apartment, as well as housing and communal services. It is important to supplement that the relevant subsidies are provided not only to the owners, but also to the tenants of housing. The term of their grant is six months.

In addition to subsidies, assistance to low-income familiesOn the part of the state it turns out and in terms of granting them tax privileges. For example, from the imposition of personal income tax, individuals are exempted from payments of a one-time nature (including material assistance), which are paid to low-income citizens as targeted social assistance.

what benefits are allocated to low-income families in the Moscow region

How to get social assistance from the state?

As it turned out, payments to low-income families inMoscow is produced only on the condition of the official appropriation of the status of a low-income family. To do this, you need to contact the appropriate district authority. So, for successful implementation of this procedure, the following documentation should be provided there:

  • A statement that argues that the family is given a low-income status in writing.
  • Passports of adult members of the family.
  • Evidence of the appearance of children in the world.
  • A certificate confirming the marriage concluded between spouses.
  • A certificate of income (it must be drawn up in the appropriate form).
  • Help directly about the composition of the family (you can replace the extract from the house book).
  • A certificate issued by the Employment Center, as well as a work record card, if necessary.
  • A savings bank or a bank card.

It should be noted that in a considerable amountregions of the Moscow region, low-income families have the opportunity to issue benefits in an increased amount (especially if it concerns children's allowance). Directly the conditions for carrying out this operation can be provided in the CASE of the respective region.

Concomitant conditions

When providing the above documentationin the relevant body should be remembered that able-bodied family members who have reached the age of majority, in any case should be employed or be registered on unemployment. In this case, the exception is women who are on parental leave. By the way, if the place of residence of some members of the family is unknown, it will prove to be an almost insurmountable obstacle to the provision of documentation regarding their incomes. The problem can be solved only through the initiation of the case for the tracing of absent members of the family by the bodies of internal affairs.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in any caseit must be remembered that these documents, like any other, are relevant only for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is absolutely inadvisable when deciding to formalize the status of a low-income family with the appeal to the Department of Social Protection of the Population. Otherwise, there is a risk that the documents will be no longer valid. Then you have to collect all the papers on the second circle. Please note that each document has its own validity period.

That's all the basic information about what is necessary for poor families in Russia and how to get it.

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