What should be clothes for running

At first glance, it may seem that clothing forrunning is not so important, but this is a mistaken opinion. To achieve during exercises of the present sensation of comfort it is possible only under a condition of correct selection of it and footwear. This can already affect the motivation, as well as the final result. But it makes no sense to immediately run to a sports store to buy up expensive clothes there. For the first time, a normal tracksuit is quite suitable, which I hope you already have.

clothes for runningIt is worth saying that some in the summerwear a few sweaters and even a jacket with the aim of as much as possible and faster to drive off a lot of water, but so do not. For those who want to lose weight, it is worth saying that you should reduce body fat reserves, but not liquids. Because of this method, metabolism slows down, which causes the body to accumulate significantly more fat. Clothing for running should be on you in the least amount, as far as the weather permits. If you made a serious decision to run regularly, it makes sense to purchase special clothes that are made of synthetic materials, allowing sweat to evaporate, preventing him from lingering on the body. Such clothes for running do not form wrinkles, which will rub your body while moving.

You can run in bad weather, for this you needWaterproof jacket and cap with a visor. So the water will not fall on your face, and you will have a good view even in the downpour. In good weather, sunglasses are also useful, which will protect the eyes from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Wearing such glasses will help prevent headaches arising from the need to squint from the bright sun.

clothes for running in winterA separate category for conversation is clothing forrunning in winter. Today, the industry offers things that make it comfortable and safe to train even in the coldest of hours. It is worth mentioning that for running in winter, it is necessary to provide protection for all parts of the body. The head in the frost can lose up to 40% of the heat, so it should be covered, it is necessary to cover both the neck and the face. The hat should be made of fleece or wool. The face can be protected from weathering through petroleum jelly and hygienic lipstick.

tights for runningClothing for running in the winter should bemultilayer. So you can not only keep the heat, but not let it fade. The moisture will pass from the lower layer to the upper one, then evaporate. Runners are most often dressed in three layers. The first layer of clothing is required to keep the heat, but at the same time allow the sweat to evaporate. Modern synthetic materials are suitable for this purpose. The middle layer is called insulating, it must be balanced, that is, keep the body warm, but do not delay the evaporation of moisture. It is most appropriate to use polyester. The outer layer must be impervious to water and wind. It must protect from rain and snow, but at the same time to keep warm and ventilation. On legs it is possible to put on one leggings for run, as this part of a body makes most of all heat during employment.

Now you know what clothes should be for running, you just have to buy it and start classes.

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