What role do moldings in the interior

For someone who does not know all the subtleties of repair, it is difficultbelieve that with the help of ordinary moldings, you can dramatically change the interior of the room. Moldings in the interior of the apartment are our irreplaceable helpers. Without them, no modern room can manage. This decorative object can easily transform the exterior design of the room, decorating its walls, ceiling and furniture. Today we learn what functions carry and from what moldings are made in the interior.

Photos and functions of this itemmoldings in the interior

Let's understand. Moldings in the interior perform several functions at once. The first is, of course, a decorative function. With this element, you can easily hide unnecessary joints and crevices, which eventually form in each room. The second function is to increase the available space. Thanks to properly selected molding, you can not only hide wall defects, but also visually increase free space. Metal moldings in the interior of apartments also occur, but rarely. Due to its properties, the metal can be painted in gold, making your room more solid and attractive.


The composition of moldings can be very diverse. For example, materials from gypsum will allow you to transform your room into a lush and chic room. But when choosing a cast, always remember that it has the property of crumbling and besides it is quite heavy. Also in the shops you can find wood moldings. Such material will be an excellent solution for fans of classical style. The tree will always look elegant and aristocratic. But here it must be remembered that such material is very vulnerable to moisture or simply to moist air concentration. Over time, such moldings in the interior can simply crack, if, of course, they are not periodically looked after.moldings in the interior photo

Products from foam plasticand polyurethane

In a separate column should be attributed precisely thesematerials. To date, moldings of foam can be found in almost every apartment. Their main advantages are low cost, long service life (from 10 years and more), unpretentiousness in maintenance, light weight and a variety of designs. From this material, you can create any geometric shapes that will give your room refinement and originality. In addition to all this, polyurethane and polystyrene are not afraid of water at all, which is already talking about moist air. This characteristic allows the wide use of foam in the bathrooms. However, the shortcomings of this material are also observed. A significant disadvantage of polyurethane is the low strength to mechanical damage. Therefore, when installing moldings should be very carefully treated with polystyrene, otherwise on its surface may appear cracks and scratches. In addition, such a product is very difficult to paint and putty.

moldings in the interior of the apartmentTherefore, in almost every apartment owners leave their original appearance, so as not to spoil the whole interior. But still the advantages of this material are several times greater than the disadvantages.

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