What is violence? Violent Violence: Definition, Causes and Factors

In ancient times, violence was considered the mostAn effective method of influence that makes one person take over the superiority of the other. What is violence? Why is this impact not obsolete in modern society? Psychology helps to get detailed answers to questions.

What is violence?

Violence: the meaning and interpretation of the word

The notion includes not onlya certain physical, but also psychological, moral impact of a negative nature. Violence is a person's conscious behavior directed at:

  • gaining power and control over another person;
  • the assertion of one's own status, position in society (family, collective).

A person can use any form of negative influence to achieve his own goals and realize his plans.


The most common forms of violence are:

  1. Physical. It manifests itself in the form of injuries and injuries, it is often the cause of death. Used by some individuals to defend their own interests or coercion for any action.
  2. Sexy. It has many varieties. The main direction of sexual violence is coercion to intercourse.
  3. Mental (moral, emotional). It consists in constant verbal threats, insults, leading the victim into a depressive, anxious state and provoking her to act against her own moral principles and principles.
  4. Political. Forcing people to take power, authoritarianism. The escalation of political violence can turn into genocide.
  5. Home. Family violence is one of the most common forms of negative impact of one individual on another. The most common victims are women and children - weaker members of society.
  6. Violence against children. It can manifest itself in other forms (physical, emotional, sexual).
  7. Information (television). Violent violence, broadcast on TV, as well as in online communities. This includes both films of various subjects, and news programs in which incorrect, false information is given.
  8. Armed violence. Impact on the individual with the threat of any kind of weapon.

Violent Violence

Influence on modern society

With the advent of technological progress, primitivehuman instincts have not gone anywhere - conflict, the aggressiveness of some individuals has increased at times. According to research, this is due to the influence of information received from the Internet and TV. Violent violence and sex, openly demonstrated in various programs, provoke people to take such behavior for granted, self-explanatory. To kill, beat a woman or a child, force a person to do something - all this becomes normal and acceptable to members of society.

What is violence? This is a manifestation of disrespect for moral principles, the needs of other people, the formation of their own interests above all else. Violence has a negative impact on people of all ages, it prevents the normal development of society, constantly throwing it back.

Actions of a violent nature, whetherassault or hate, in relation to the child contribute to the formation of a weak personality, unable to defend their interests and protect themselves. It is also possible that such a child, becoming an adult, will take violence for granted, and in the future will start using the same model of behavior as the aggressor who tortured him as a child.

Political violence, manifested in the form of an authoritarian regime, tyranny, causes indignation on the part of the people, which can provoke wars and revolutions.

Physical violence occurs in almostall spheres of life. The most predisposed to its manifestation are adolescents with an unstable emotional state, as well as persons suffering from mental illness.

Violence meaning and interpretation of the word

Causes and factors contributing to the development of violence

The basic preconditions for violence for today does not exist, but there are certain psychological and social factors that affect the human and makes it a potential aggressor.

These include:

  • Features of education (if the parents were sadistic, then the probability of aggressive behavior of the child increases at times).
  • The environment of a person (the circle of communication has a strong influence on the formation of personality).
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Genetic predisposition to mental illness.
  • Congenital desire to occupy leadership positions, wrong, perverted understanding of leadership.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence Psychology

This form of negative impact unitesa few types of violence: physical, emotional, sexual, violence against children. This exposure is a systematic injury to one of the partners or relatives to another member of the family. According to statistics, the most vulnerable members of the society - children, women and elderly people - suffer more from domestic violence.

Is it possible to combat domestic violence

How to prevent domestic violence? Psychology speaks of the cyclical nature of family violence. That is, if a negative situation occurred once, then it will again happen again. Aggressive behavior is preceded by tension in the relationship, then there is an outburst of anger and assault, and then an apology from the culprit of the conflict. Further relations are restored, there comes a short harmony. After a while everything repeats itself.

What is Domestic Violence?

Psychologists advise women not to preventviolence in the family, and avoid personalities predisposed to such actions. Determine the potential aggressor can be guided by the following behavioral characteristics:

  • man is cruel to animals;
  • does not accept any criticism;
  • a man at an acquaintance humiliates the women he met earlier;
  • at the early stages of the relationship, he tries to completely limit the circle of women's communication.

The use of violence in the form of assaultpunishable by law, and no need to seek excuses for the spouse. If you do not stop the manifestation of aggression in time, then in the future the threat to life for a woman and joint children is significantly increased.

The causes of domestic violence

Often the manifestation of negativewith the nature of the partners, but there are other factors that destabilize the harmonious union. What is domestic violence? This is primarily the disrespect of one of the partners in relation to his second half (more often - the wife), manifested in the form of insults degrading her dignity, deeds. The extreme stage of violence is assault.

Factors provoking the development of domestic violence include:

  • The presence of aggressive behavior of the parents of one of the partners in his childhood. In this situation, he will copy the behavioral model and reproduce it in his family.
  • Drinking alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drugs aggravate the mental state of a person.
  • Low level of culture, lack of concepts of morality.
  • Low self-esteem of one of the partners.

This is only a small list of reasons that causeaggressive behavior in the family. In fact, there are many of them: the behavior of people can be influenced by watching TV, and communicating with people for whom violence is the norm (different sects, communities).

How to avoid violence in the upbringing of children

The use of violence

What is child abuse? This is not only a physical impact, but also an emotional one, which makes him feel unnecessary and unloved. How to deal with this? It is necessary to give more attention to the child, not neglecting joint pastime. Psychologists do not advise the use of punishment in the form of assault and abuse against children, since all this may lead to an unbalanced, withdrawn personality in the future.

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