What is a version?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 25, 2015
What is a version?

Often the works of the classics are filmed or put on the stage. It is impossible to say for sure that this is the original of the work, because the director or director introduces something of his own, tells his vision. In this case, we are talking about the version of the work, rather than the original source, even if all the cues are saved and the texts are similar. What is the version, we will try to understand the article.

Version: word meanings

Version - the word is Latin and literally means “modification, rotation”. In Russian, the word version is one of the options for presenting or explaining a fact. The version is synonymous with the words "variant" or "variety" and suggests some differences from the original source. Versions can be found in almost any sphere: art, law, information technology, science (version as an assumption, opinion) and others. But the essence still boils down to a certain version of the source material ("the new version of the myth of Pandora's box").

In the IT field, the most common is the use of a software version to designate a subtitle of a program. In the case of court practice, we are dealing with the hypothesis of the investigator or court regarding the presence or absence of any facts, events necessary for the correct resolution of the situation (“check all versions”, “put forward a new version”).

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