What is the way out?

"Good all the time of day. I have a problem with my family and my young man. He loves me very much, I love him. Well, the story is as usual. But my young man had problems in childhood" in the "Psychology" category. with the law, hooliganism. There is a criminal record. In principle, my father was not against our communication initially. I even said that if a guy corrected, then I can communicate with him and my father does not know him, his family. Now he denies what he said, categorically against it, and says that he did not think that everything would go so far, so he was not against it. What am I? I fell in love with this man. He is 22 to me 18. he loves me without memory, and he is faithful as Hachiko, never even the slightest excuse was not. Together for 3 years. I could say at any time of the day or night to come, in half an hour he was with me. Sick when throws on the balcony of the medicine, sweet. Flowers gives dust in general blows. I trust him more than my family, do you believe? My older brother treated him so well, and now they opposed him too. They don't let me out of the house anywhere almost, except for classes, control is tough, scandals are every day,all relatives are asked to talk to me, as I am so clever and beautiful and fell in love with a person like that. But he lives spinning, opens his own business, a smart, intelligent guy. I am already so sick, I just don’t know what to do. Yes, parents are right and they have experience. But here they just put a stigma because of his past and say the feelings that they say garbage and pass. Of course, they have in mind the son of a rich dad, but I do not want to understand that? .. I better not live than live without love. What do I do ... all attempts to talk go to no ... we do not enter into premarital relations with the guy and never have entered. He or I, surprisingly in our time. We believe in God, we live in God and want blessings for him and my parents. He came to dad, he refused him, you said no to a couple of my daughter. My young cedovek vowed to him in love and in loyalty that he would not be obsessed with me all his life, dad still said no. This is no fundamental.
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Answered on March 26, 2017 03:03
Marina, of course, that parents are worried, do not trust him, they think that you will break your life. Nevertheless, love is a personal choice of everyone, you can’t forcibly be nice and you can’t force.You are 18 years old, you are no longer a small child, but at the same time you have little experience of independent living. I will give you my opinion, and you decide for yourself what and how best to do. Marriage is a serious matter, and from your letter it is clear that you perceive it that way. It is better to marry when both people are ready for it. Now your boyfriend is not firmly on his feet, as you write, spinning, trying. You are young and half dependent on your parents. You need to "ripen" to marriage, and for this - get up on your feet, get an education, find your own business. Now you meet as a young couple who are separated, romance, emotions are boiling. To marry, it is useful for you to see this person and yourself in adult relationships, where both of you are responsible for how they will develop. Do not hurry. You are already an adult girl, or you go somewhere, or you are already studying somewhere. Your young man also does something in life. Try to live a little together, decide how to combine study and work, who will do what and what to answer for. So you will see yourself, this person and your relationships in everyday life as they will be later, if you want to marry him.I understand that a certain religion, if you adhere to it (religion and faith are slightly different concepts), prohibits cohabitation before marriage, but sometimes it is a good way to understand whether you are “your” person if you consider cohabitation as a preparatory stage, rather than replacement of marriage. You are 18, he is also an adult, you are old enough to make such a decision and by law you can afford it. Check out feelings in adults and self relationships. Parents simply want to protect you from rashness and thus protect you. Understand them and show that you treat this issue responsibly. Now you have strong feelings that are further strengthened by obstacles, but to understand that this is not a strong love, but a long, mature and true love seriously and for a long time, you need to try to create your independent life together. Take the time to get married and establish adult relationships of trust with relatives. Try it, and then you will understand everything.

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