What is a variator?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 25, 2013
What is a variator?

Very often you hear that this car uses a variator, or by reading car magazines, you stop with a look at this interesting word in the column "technical characteristics of the car." Everyone knows what a gearbox is, what it is used for, but that's what a variator is, it's hard to answer. In this article we will try to answer this question.

Basic information about the variator

To begin with, the variator is a special device, perhaps something similar to a conventional gearbox, but using slightly different working parts. Let's see in more detail what a variator is in a car.

Imagine the acceleration of an electric car - this is a smooth, quiet course, you quickly gain speed without unnecessary movements. This is the main, essential feature of the variator in front of a conventional gearbox. The principle of operation of the variator is based on a smooth, continuous change of the gear ratio, thanks to this you do not feel the sharpness when starting the car or changing gears.

That is, your car, which is equipped with a CVT, will never allow you to make trivial mistakes, for example: you will always move smoothly, you will not stumble down a hill or on level ground, but you will still go smoothly.

There are several modifications or types, as it is convenient for anyone, of the variator:

  • V-belt
  • Toroidal
  • Chain

These types of variators differ only in some features, and so are the same. Quite an interesting aspect of the variator is that the huge pulleys, scrolls is not an ordinary belt of thick fabric, and steel, recruited from the plates. Perhaps because of this we get the effect of the smoothness of the car.

CVT is quite reasonable mechanism. For example, if you try to drive on any hill in high gear, you will not succeed because the variator shifts itself to a lower gear, no matter how much you press on the gas pedal. It is clear that this is all invented for comfort and greater control over the car, but there are some disadvantages of the variator, for example: the main disadvantage of this device is that the variator is installed only on low-powered cars, and large, powerful cars have classical mechanics or automatic.

Thus, we figured out what the variator is, how and where it is used in modern cars.

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