What is the road?

August 2, 2014
What is the road?

Pupils driving school, before proceeding to the practical part of the class, must master the theoretical basis, that is, learn the rules of the road (SDA), pass the theory test. To pass it, you must be fluent in the concepts of traffic rules, one of which we will examine today. So, what is the road, how to understand the cumbersome definition?

Road and its components

"The road is a strip of land or surface of an artificial structure equipped or adapted and used for vehicle movement."

To make it easier to memorize these complex phrases, let's analyze the sentence and understand the meaning of the written. Equipped, and somewhere adapted strip of land, it means that piece of land that is built and equipped for movement on it for pedestrians and vehicles. As for bridges, as well as overpasses, overpasses, they are also expensive, but artificially created, which is meant by the words "surface of an artificial structure." Let's look at the parts of the road.

The elements of the road are:

  • The roadway.It is used by trackless vehicles.
  • Sidewalk. Used by pedestrians.
  • Tram rails. This is part of the road, but it does not apply to the roadway.
  • Curb. The attached plot of land directly to the carriageway is used for parking, stopping or driving the vehicle depending on the signs installed on the site. The shoulders have their own covering or are separated from the roadway by means of a dividing strip.
  • Dividing lines. They demarcate adjacent carriageways by marking or construction (for example, a lawn).

Please note that it is not necessary that all elements are present at the same time. The road may not have dividing lanes or tram tracks, for example.

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