What is the right hand? History of word

This definition first appeared inthe reign of kings. The meaning of the right hand is determined by two simple words: "right hand". Its role in the basis of symbolism fully corresponds to the position held. It is an instrument for influencing the entire surrounding world, which is associated with the idea of ​​domination, creation and activity, and often also resembles the image of God. In a large number of languages, there is a special connection between the hand and the power, it is because of this that it usually serves as an expression of dominion and the royal sign.

What is the right hand in Christianity

what is the right hand

In Orthodox Christianity, namely in icon paintingthis is a sign of patronage to the righteous. It is known that the right hand was the right hand of the Almighty, a symbol of power and strength. Of great importance for believers is the image of the hand emerging from the cloud, and this is precisely the form of the representation of the first person of the Trinity. For a long time, the guest who sat on the right hand was the most desired guest in the house. In religion, the right hand is the arm of power, which corresponds to the active principle, the future, the acquisition of experience. It is used in rituals of blessing and vow, it is a sign of mercy and logic. In many iconographies, Christ is shown as the right hand, the right hand of God.

The hand is part of the relics

In some religions this word is part of theholy relics. The most famous is the brush of John the Baptist. It is represented by the incorruptible right hand of the holy prophet. It was she who was entrusted to the head of Christ at baptism. For all the time her whereabouts were constantly changing. Now this artefact is buried in a golden ark. By the way, there are two fingers on the hand that are in other places. The first time the location was changed after several centuries, and this was done by the holy Evangelist Luke. When Julian the Apostate came to power, he again had to hide his hand, because during his reign all Christian relics were burnt. In the fifth century, the right hand was sent to Chalcedon, and later to Constantinople. Then there were many more movements, until the transfer in 179 of Paul I to Russia. It was he who made the ark for her. After the revolution, it was lost, but was discovered after a long time in Cetinje Monastery of Montenegro. Below we continue to consider what is the right hand.meaning of the right hand

Hand in the movie

Now interest in this word arose because of thehuge popularity of the series "The Game of Thrones". Everyone knows what is the right hand of the king in the film. After him, this is the second position in the kingdom. He always serves the ruler by faith and truth, gives advice and executes all orders. In the absence of the head of state, he replaces it in everything. Often the hands had to command the army, issue orders and carry out justice, because the king was at that moment occupied with entertainment, war or prayers. In the common people there was such an opinion about the right hand of the monarch "while the king sleeps, his right hand builds", etc.

The first assistant was appointed as Eigon I Targarienom and he became his brother Auristright hand right handBaratheon. The king considered him his fortress and often left the main in his state. From the very beginning, the right hands were appointed by the closest relatives, less often by knights, who proved their recognition to the king and the kingdom. Some assistants remained in the service for many years, but there were also those who were dismissed soon after the appointment.

Distinctive signs

Each hand had its own distinctive sign. In the film, Eddard Stark wore an arm-like element on his clothes. Tywin Lannister had a chain of gold hands. The servants who served the hands, too, had distinctive signs. Even the apartments were in a separate tower. We hope, now you understand what the right hand is.

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