What is the political status of a person

How much is hidden behind two words - personality andstate. The political status of the individual is one of the most important aspects of human life in society. Why is that? Let's figure it out.

What is called the political status of a person

This designation is used tocharacterize the position that a person occupies in the social system. This includes a set of inherent duties, rights, as well as the ability to influence the life of the country in the political sphere.

political personality status

Who can count on what? By default, citizens of states with a democratic system have a significant number of political freedoms and rights. This allows them to actively participate in the activities of the country in accordance with what they have the political status of the individual. The political system of society is characterized by the division of people according to their level of activity. So, there are the following types:

  1. An ordinary member of the society. Has no influence on politics (maximum - participation in elections).
  2. A person who is active in a movement or a public organization.
  3. A citizen who is a member of an elected body acting in political force. For example, public council.
  4. Professional politicians. People who have access to opportunities to make important decisions on a national or regional scale or who are very eager to become such.
  5. Political leader.

Political socialization

Can occur purposefully or objectively. Any political status of a person is characterized by the right to participate in the process of mastering knowledge, norms, skills of activity and values. If we talk about types, then they can be divided into three groups:

  1. Unconscious. An example is the behavior of a person when he is in a crowd. Where she is, there he is.
  2. Half-conscious. As an example, you can bring political conformism. That is, a person tries to adapt to circumstances, while taking the most advantageous position. The latter does not always work.
  3. Conscious. This means that a person can, under the influence of his own desire and will, change the role he performs in society and his position.

Why this is necessary

What is the political legal status for?personality? As answers can be given quite a lot of different information, so it will be grouped. So, it is important to reproduce the current political system of society, its values, norms and relations. Also, new generations are given the accumulated experience of actions within the framework of the existing culture. It is also important that the individual acquires new, previously unknown political knowledge. This is possible due to the fact that there is own activity, which is accompanied by the assimilation of new information and experience.

political legal personality status

Conditions, factors and structures

External objective features can formpolitical status of the individual. Social studies pay much attention to the historical situation and the economic situation in a particular society. Other important factors and conditions of formation are also important:

  1. The breadth of the social environment. This means the existence of public political consciousness, as well as the organization of society (and its ability to self-organize in critical situations).
  2. The social environment in which the individual is located. Important is any specific situation, as well as its immediate surroundings, which can have an impact.
  3. Psychological and biogenetic characteristics of individuals.
  4. Natural and geographical conditions.
  5. Occupied social status. That is, what position does the individual occupy in society?

personality and state political personality status

And what structures affect him? To understand this we also help a small list:

  1. Government bodies. This means the presence of political education in educational institutions, as well as various movements, organizations, unions and parties.
  2. Mass media. The negative side is that their political socialization of individuals is poorly developed. Also, the lack of education of journalists and other features (such as deliberate twisting of facts) has a bad effect on the sphere of public life in question.
  3. A family. Has a monopoly on the child in his early years of life. Therefore, it can instill certain moral qualities that will have a significant impact on the whole subsequent life.
  4. Peers. Affect the individual through data transfer and informal connections.

About the person

Everyone within the society isthe owner of a certain place. It has some functions, rights and responsibilities. Due to this the person receives a certain status. The latter, in addition to the political form, can also have social, legal and so on. In the Russian Federation, this status of a person is legally fixed (that is, that it has rights, freedoms and responsibilities) in the second chapter of the Constitution.

the political status of a person is characterized

The political status of an individual is characterized by,that a person has a set of corresponding roles in society. These can be: a party functionary, a participant in a rally, a voter, and so on. Political statuses can be informal and formal. So, the participants of the rally are the first, while the second, for example, the President of the Russian Federation. And even ordinary members of the society due to their political status have the basic political freedoms and rights that are inalienable and belong to every citizen. As such, one can give the opportunity to choose and be elected to various government bodies; create parties and other public associations; to hold street marches, demonstrations, rallies and a number of other public actions (but in our realities a notification or permission of the authorities is required); To write appeals to officials in state bodies. Everyone can take part in the governance of the country, either directly or through intermediaries.

Forms of behavior

We have already figured out that every person has a political status. And here's how he uses it? To understand this, please read the following information:

  1. Political activity.
  2. Adaptation to existing realities (conformism).
  3. Indifference and isolation from the ongoing political processes (indifferentism).
  4. Complaisance and obsequiness regarding a certain political leader (clientellism).
  5. Conscientious refusal to take part in elections (abseteeism).

political personality status is characterized

About the person in politics

In this case, it is the subjectpurposeful conscious activity, which expresses and realizes the interests of various parties, unions and movements, together with their own desires. All this is integrated into a single whole. The peculiarity here is that in other spheres of public life the individual realizes individual interests. While political status, regardless of this, implies their implementation as an element of something more. For example, to build a quality road. A person may not even realize its political status, but this does not mean that it can be ignored. Take, for example, elections to the State Duma.


The most likely for an ordinary person isthe opportunity to professionally engage in political activities. But if you make enough effort and stake on the necessary aspects, you can get the status of a political leader. This is one of the most important aspects of the activity, which is closely related to the desire to create standards of social behavior for other individuals who will act by following certain authoritative patterns. A person who has the status of a political leader can organize and direct other people to certain decisions, so that in the end a certain joint activity is realized.

political status of a person

How is this done? For this purpose, the political leader must have a wide range of role-masks: a reformer, a defender, a man from the people and so on. It will be optimal if the created image does not disperse with the real nature. In this case, there is a reduced possibility that people will be disappointed in it. Change the political role of the individual can during the process of status inversion. In this case, there is a sharp qualitative change in the existing order. This may be due to the fact that there are social revolutions, deformations and upheavals. During such events, many individuals raise or lower their own political status.


So we dismantled what is politicalstatus of personality. Briefly, of course, and you can say much more, but for such cases, written a whole specialized book, which retell makes no sense.

personality status of the political system of society

If a person wants to improve his position insociety / achieve the goals / eliminate flaws / send the rest of the people to the "true path", then it needs to improve in the sphere of governing the country. This article is enough to prepare yourself for the transition to the second type, when there is an active activity within the framework of an organization. But you can definitely go only with your own strength.

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