What is the most delicious pizza in Moscow?

If you conduct a survey and start asking residents of different cities about which dish to quickly satisfy their hunger is considered the most popular, then most definitely call pizza. This cake with different fillers has long been loved by both children and adults. To date, there are many recipes for cooking pizza, and its appearance may surprise gourmets with an unusual shape or, for example, black dough. Worldwide love for this dish due to its versatility. Pizza can be the main highlight of the holiday table, the usual snack on the run or out of a situation where guests suddenly descended home. In recent years, the fans of this baked flat cake are faced with the issue of choice. It is very difficult to understand which pizza is the most delicious when there are so many cafes and restaurants around it that specialize in cooking and serving. It is especially difficult to determine the choice of places if you live in the capital. So today we decided to finally find out which pizza is the most delicious in Moscow, and make a rating of a cafe where you can fully enjoy its taste and aroma.

the most delicious pizza

Pizza is the most mysterious dish in the history of mankind

Ask people on the streets what kind of pizza is the most delicious, and you will surely hear a lot of names. Among them will definitely be "Margarita", "Pepperoni", "Four Seasons" and many other names. Every inhabitant of our planet has his favorite pizza recipe, and here, as they say, "there are no comrades to taste or color". But if you ask about the origin of this dish, then almost all respondents will answer you that it appeared in Italy. Such unanimity is connected with the myth about the food of the poor, which the Italians invented, which has been consolidated in people's minds. However, in fact, the birthplace of pizza should be considered a completely different country, and it appeared about six thousand years ago. Surprised? If so, then we are ready to tell you the true story of the triumphal procession of pizza on the planet.

Historians still can not name the exact date of the appearance of this dish, but still believe that its first prototype originated in ancient Egypt. About six thousand years ago, yeast dough was invented, and the Egyptians began to bake cakes, which were then seasoned with cheese, dates and honey. We can say that this was the first pizza in the world.

Of course, her appearance was far from modern, but the ancient Greeks corrected this shortcoming. They invented spreading vegetables, greens and meat on the raw dough, pouring it all over with olive oil and then putting it on an open fire. A similar recipe was popular in ancient Rome. And here with pleasure pizza was eaten by noble people.

Gradually, the method of making cakes with filling was sold around the world, but it acquired its usual look and taste in the first quarter of the sixteenth century. During this period, tomatoes, which were considered to be inedible and poisonous for a long time, came to European countries. However, the Italian poor quickly appreciated their taste and began to add to the pizza. By the seventeenth century, this dish became extremely popular with the Italian nobility, and specialized cafes opened everywhere in large cities, where they served only tortilla with cheese and vegetables. Especially widely spread pizza in Naples, where several of its recipes were invented. It was around this time that the debate began about which pizza is the most delicious, still ongoing.

By the nineteenth century, in almost every region of Italy there were not only their own branded fillings,but also test recipes. For example, in Naples, it turns out crumbly, and in Rome - thin and crispy.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first pizzeria opened in America, and from now on, the dish can be considered one of the most popular in the world. Even conservative Japanese gladly eat this cake, sprinkling it with finely ground tuna powder. In their presentations, this is the most delicious pizza. And which is more like Muscovites? Let's try to understand this issue.

Rating of the most popular pizzerias

For modern citizens who are always in a hurry somewhere, it is very important that pizza can be ordered with delivery to the place. Therefore, considering a variety of cafes, we will definitely take into account this fact. After all, not always, in order to enjoy a fragrant slice of pizza, I want to leave a cozy apartment in the cold and dank Moscow winter. So, what is the most delicious pizza in Moscow with delivery? The rating of institutions is as follows:

  1. Bocconcino.
  2. "At Salvatore."
  3. Zotman Pizza Pie
  4. Delicatessen.
  5. La Bottega Siciliana.
  6. "Bung".
  7. Pinzeria "Bontempi".
  8. 8oz.
  9. Il Forno.
  10. Babetta café.

In general, all the listed cafes and restaurants have approximately the same level, but they are distinguished by their features, which we will tell our readers about.What is the most delicious pizza? Read and decide for yourself.

what pizza is the most delicious in Moscow with delivery


This institution is a network, so you can get into a pizzeria from different parts of Moscow. Judging by the numerous reviews, this cafe can not be called cheap, but the dishes are definitely worth it.

Pizza is cooked on a wood-fired oven, and chefs are ready to offer more than twenty different recipes. It's nice that there is its own delivery service that works very well. The cost of pizza starts from 360 rubles.

"At Salvatore"

This is a real Italian restaurant with the best family traditions. What is the most delicious pizza, it is impossible to decide here, because the menu includes 30 different pizza names. And all the recipes brought from Italy and are original.

For very young visitors a children's menu was invented, and dishes from it are served free of charge to all kids up to six years old. The restaurant works delivery and packaging takeaway.

Zotman Pizza Pie

If you are a fan of original recipes, then you definitely here. Here you can enjoy quite traditional pizza recipes and the rarest ones that are not even known to all Italians. In addition, Zotman Pizza Pie chefs invented a special children's version of this dish with a filling of sweets and other sweets.Do you think that after such a treat your child will answer the question “which pizza is the most delicious in Moscow”?

which pizza is the most delicious

With the delivery (customers always leave the most positive reviews about it), there are no problems in the restaurant either. Courier will make it in the shortest possible time.


This institution and its types of pizza are called the most non-trivial. And this is not surprising, because nowhere else will you have to taste pizza with cheese, cranberries and turkey. There are a lot of similar recipes in the Delicatessen menu.

La Bottega Siciliana

It is difficult to call this luxurious institution "cafe". For all its characteristics, it falls into the category of elite restaurants, which can be seen at its rather high prices.

The pizza is very tasty here, but most of the recipes are traditional. If you want something unusual, then try the fancy stuffing from the chef. Judging by the reviews, this dish is very unusual and like most visitors.

what is the most delicious pizza in the world


Those visitors who prefer food cooked almost at home, should try pizza in "Cork". Here you will find a pleasant atmosphere, friendly waiters and delicious simple food without frills.

Many consider the pizza from this cafe the most delicious in the capital and order it regularly. The advantages of the institution customers include fast delivery.

"Pinzeria Bontempi"

Those who understand Italian food know that the first pizza bore a very different name. The Italians talked about the tortilla as a “pincer”, and its recipe was a little different from the classic version that we know today. It uses a special type of starter, which makes the dough very thin and crispy.

This dish has its many admirers who have tried all eighteen pints presented in the menu.


This institution is located in Gorky Park and is not a pizzeria. However, it is prepared quite adequately, so quite a lot of young people come here, tired after walking in the park. In addition, 8oz prices are the most acceptable for most citizens.

what pizza in spb is the most delicious

Il forno

Cafes Il Forno Muscovites recognize very interesting, but in our rating it did not rise higher due to high prices and some features of the institution. In the main hall there is a huge wood stove, in which cooks are cooked.

Interestingly, the Italians themselves, who live in the capital, constantly come here for lunch and dinner.For many citizens this is the most eloquent answer to the question which pizza is the most delicious in Moscow.

Muscovites often work with the delivery of Il Forno, while being satisfied with the speed of the couriers and the cost of the service. The institution can order more than thirty kinds of pizza.

Babetta café

Moscow residents call this place a “modern canteen”. The menu is always a lot of simple and inexpensive dishes, but pizza is very popular. Of course, it is not at all like the Italian original, but nevertheless it is very tasty and fragrant.

On average, pizza costs from 250 to 400 rubles.

The most delicious "Margarita": where can I order?

Vegetable pizza, named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, is one of the most beloved recipes in the world. However, in each metropolitan institution it is prepared in different ways. Therefore, we have compiled another rating of Moscow cafes, where we are served the most delicious Margarita, relying on the feedback from the citizens left on the Internet.

First place in the reviews takes pizza from Zotman Pizza Pie. We have already written about this institution, so we will not repeat it. But the characteristics of "Margarita" we will give.Muscovites write that pizza is correct and most similar to the traditional Italian version. Cooks make very tasty and crunchy dough, so the dish is eaten whole with pleasure. It's nice that delivery is carried out within an hour and costs about 250 rubles.

The second place went to Margarita from the Bonziempi pinzer. This cafe is also present in our previous rating. The local version of "Margarita" is 420 rubles and has an oval shape. Some customers of the cafe write that in Italy, family establishments often make just such a pizza. Its distinctive feature is the sweetish flavor that tomatoes impart. Their cafe owner orders in their homeland, so the Margarita from Valentino Bontempi is unique.

what pizza is the most delicious in Moscow with delivery reviews

The third place was shared by “Margarita” from “Syrovarni” and “U Giuseppe”. Cafe "Cheese Factory" has a very convenient location and is famous for its cheeses, which are made right there. However, pizza did not receive high marks from Muscovites because of its difference from the original. Many people write that it has a too pronounced creamy taste that Margarita should not have. However, the pizza itself is very tasty and can claim to lead in another category.

what pizza is the most delicious in Moscow with delivery rating

But pizza "U Giuseppe" received the most negative customer reviews.Despite the fact that it has a low cost - only 340 rubles, and the delivery does not exceed 300 rubles, the local Margarita was not at all impressed by Muscovites. They characterize it as dry and absolutely tasteless. Also, often the clients of “At Giuseppe” note that the cooks do not fill the fillings, so only the taste of the dough is felt.

Based on everything written and reviews, what is the most delicious pizza "Margarita", Muscovites have long been determined. They note the option presented by Zotman Pizza Pie cooks by a majority of votes.

What is the most delicious pizza in St. Petersburg (with delivery): reviews

If you find yourself in the northern capital and want to try pizza, then reviews will help you choose the best institution. What is the most delicious pizza in St. Petersburg? Judging by the abundance of comments, you need to order it in the cafe Little Italy. It is even located on the street Italian, what can we say about the interiors that evoke thoughts of a sunny Mediterranean.

Many positive reviews of residents of the northern capital left about the pizza from Caffe Italia. Burrito fillets here are served just gigantic sizes, and you will remember their great taste for a long time.

Those who are already familiar not only with pizza, but also with a pincer, should go to the Goose Goose Bistro. Here you will be offered a wide selection of dishes with the most unusual fillings.A lot of enthusiasm causes pinna with arugula, truffle cream and speck.

What is the most delicious pizza in the world?

To answer this question is quite difficult, because in every country of the world there is a favorite recipe.

For example, the Japanese are confident that their version is the most delicious and interesting. Their pizza is called Okonomiyaki and is cooked with the participation of customers. They pick their own stuffing, and the chef is preparing the dough and baking.

In India, it is said that only their chefs can cook such a delicious pizza. Her recipe is significantly different from the classic Italian, because it prepares a dish in a pan of batter. And in the filling add a lot of spices and spices that turn the pizza into an extremely spicy dish.

What is the most delicious pizza in the world? Probably the one you cook yourself with love. Therefore, stock up with all the necessary ingredients and delight your loved ones with a delicious and fragrant dish.

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