What is the lethal dose of alcohol for a person?

As you know, alcohol is poison. And, unfortunately, there are cases when, wishing to escape from reality for a while with the help of it, a person passes away forever. How much alcohol do you need to drink to be on the verge of the abyss?

Of course, nowadays alcohol is not considered negative by the population. People used to use it on holidays and weekends, and sometimes just after work to relax. Unfortunately, among young people alcoholic beverages are considered an indispensable attribute of everyday life. Today, no party is complete without it. However, alcohol has a very negative effect on health, not to mention the fact that its use can be fatal.

Deadly dose of alcohol - what is it?

Scientists have been trying to determine how much alcohol is suicidal for a person for more than one year or even more than one decade. But no one has yet been able to answer this question exactly. Yes, probably it will not work.After all, all people are different, and the body's reaction to alcohol depends on many factors.lethal dose of alcohol

Therefore, if it is possible to talk about something, then only about average indicators. With them, the science was determined long ago, having come to the conclusion that the fatal dose of alcohol in ppm equals approximately five to six units.

True, the majority of ordinary lovers to overturn a glass of it almost nothing says.

Promille is how much?

Promille refers to one thousandth of one substance dissolved in another. That is, one ppm of alcohol in the blood is one milliliter of it, dissolved in 1000 milliliters of blood. And you need to understand that we are talking about pure alcohol, which is somewhat stronger than alcohol. So, in one bottle of vodka contains about 200 milliliters of pure alcohol, equal to two and a half ppm. And this means that the fatal dose of alcohol (5-6 ppm) in terms of "vodka" language is 3 bottles of 0.5 liters each, drunk, maximum, within an hour.lethal dose of alcohol for a person

Drinking Scale

After analyzing the state of a person as a result of drinking, scientists have derived a scale of intoxication. And if the fatal dose of alcohol in ppm is 5-6 units, then:

  • an indicator of less than 0.5 ppm has practically no effect on the state of the body - one can say that there is no drunkenness;
  • the discovery in the blood of 0.5-1.5 ppm pure alcohol indicates a slight intoxication;
  • moderate severity occurs when reaching one and a half to two ppm;
  • extreme drunkenness is two or three per mille;
  • a rate of three to five ppm of alcohol in the blood means a severe poisoning with intoxication of the body. This is a critical mark, beyond which is the abyss.

What is the fatal dose of alcohol for a person drinking wine or beer?

This question concerns many people, because wine and beer are the most popular drinks among those who like to relax with a glass or a glass in hand. They are widespread in our society much more than vodka, and affect both young people and women.

So, the fatal dose of alcohol does not depend on the type of drink. It should be 5-6 ppm - and the point. But the amount drunk, of course, varies.deadly dose of alcohol in ppm

To reach a critical point, wine or beer must be taken much more than vodka, brandy or other hard liquor.

It is easy to calculate that, using, for example, beer with an alcohol content of 4%, you can “gain” 5–6 ppm only by “destroying” 15 liters of intoxicating liquid. And if we are talking about a 20-degree wine, then it will take about 3 liters (two times more than a 40-degree “little white”) to accumulate a lethal dose of alcohol in the blood.

And from here we can conclude that killing yourself with wine or beer is quite problematic. After all, the human body simply will not take so much fluid in a short period of time. With her excess, he will fight with the help of vomiting and thus save himself from death.

By the way, and a half liter of vodka to drink in one sitting is not so easy. But we are talking about the maximum. And we must not forget that there are many factors that significantly lower the critical level.lethal dose of blood alcohol

Factors that weaken the body in the fight against alcohol

The lethal dose of alcohol for a person can be much less than indicated above. The following factors contribute to this:

  • age - in young people and old people, susceptibility to alcohol is stronger, which means lower dose;
  • gender - women suffer the effects of alcohol heavier;
  • lifestyle - a chronic alcoholic is much less susceptible to the effects of alcohol than a person who rarely drinks;
  • cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the stomach and kidneys — if they are present, even a relatively small dose can be fatal;
  • snack - the better it is, the safer it is to drink;
  • body weight - the less a person weighs, the lower his personal lethal dose of alcohol;
  • air temperature - in the cold, alcohol has a more detrimental effect on the body.

Generally, speaking of the lethal dose of alcohol for a man, scientists mean a healthy man in "the very prime of life," an average height and weighing about 80 kg. All other drink lovers must take into account their personal parameters when determining the point of no return.

Alcohol and children

Of course, children, with rare exceptions, are not at risk for alcohol victims. But in life is anything. And it is important for parents to know how alcohol acts on the body of a small child. If the lethal dose of alcohol for a personadult is estimated at 5-6 per mille, then in the case of children the picture is completely different.what dose of alcohol is fatal to humans

Only 30 grams of pure alcohol, which is equal to 40-50 grams of vodka (or four tablespoons) can be fatal for babies weighing 10 kg.The critical threshold for children with other parameters can be calculated on the basis that 3 grams of pure alcohol per kilogram of body weight are fatal.

And on these theoretical calculations it is better to stop. You should not go to practical experience. Three bottles of vodka on the “face” is, of course, almost fiction. But even with a small amount of alcohol is dangerous to experiment.

And in conclusion, once again recall that small doses of alcohol can cause health complications. Therefore, you should be careful with your body. After all, health is one of the main values ​​in life. And for the money not to buy it.

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