What is the incubation period for flu? The first symptoms in children and adults

Influenza is a common disease that is often accompanied by complications. Most often, the disease occurs in the cold season. Everyone should know that the disease must be treated properly, otherwise there is even a risk of death. It is important to note that there is an incubation period for influenza.

The fact is that between the infection of the organism and until the moment when a person begins to feel the first symptoms, a certain amount of time passes.

What is the incubation period for influenza?

The incubation period for this virus can last up to 2-3 days, but sometimes it can last a whole week. Doctors believe that this period is latent, because the virus proceeds in a secretive form. The person who has become infected at this time is no different from healthy, but in the cells one can already notice changes, and in the blood - antibodies and large amounts of protein.

incubation period for influenza in adults

The incubation period of the flu can be reduced by starting treatment on time. In addition, this therapy is considered to be the most effective, since the effect of medicinal compounds will be applied to the pathogens in a timely manner.

How long is the incubation period and what does it depend on?

The virus that has penetrated the human body does not immediately make itself felt, so the sooner it is detected, the greater the chances for a speedy recovery. Many people are interested in the question: "If a person has been diagnosed with the flu, how many days will the incubation period last?" It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer, since there are many concomitant factors.

  • Experts believe that the incubation period does not last long, usually up to five days. It is after so much time after infection a person will experience flu symptoms. Although it is sometimes difficult to determine exactly when the infection occurred.
  • A huge influence on the incubation period has a type of virus that was picked up by humans.
incubation period of flu and orvi
  • The timing is also affected by immunity. If he does not cope with the number of viruses in the body, the disease begins to manifest itself much earlier.
  • Influenza virus can develop at a high rate, so after only two days, the first symptoms begin to appear. Accordingly, people who are close to the infected are also at risk.
  • Symptoms begin to appear suddenly, but as soon as the incubation period of the flu is over, the patient feels weak, the throat begins to inflame, headache and cough appear, and the body temperature rises.

In order to prevent the spread of flu after communicating with a sick person, it is enough to start taking medications designed to strengthen the immune system, in which case there is a chance to avoid the disease.

When is a patient considered most contagious?

Influenza spreads much faster than other viral diseases. It is enough to talk with an infected person so that the first symptoms begin to appear soon. A sick person is a danger to other people for 10 days.

Typically, the incubation period for influenza in adults is considered short, after only four days, the symptoms begin to subside and a slight relief comes.As for the incidence of children, the virus can last more than 10 days.

incubation period for flu days

People with a weak immune system are particularly affected, they become carriers of the virus for several weeks, and in particularly difficult cases even for several months.

Varieties of other viruses and their incubation period

There are other types of viral diseases that have similar symptoms to the flu, but a different incubation period.

  • Rhinoviruses spread to the nasal mucosa, the incubation period of this disease is only five days, but much depends on the age of the person and on his immunity. As a rule, the disease is manifested by swelling of the nasal mucosa, itching, constant sneezing and fever.
  • Adenoviruses cover the internal organs of man. The incubation period of SARS in this case is very fast, it takes only two days, but if the person has strong immunity, then the time period may increase to two weeks. Symptoms are manifested by fever, nasal congestion, sneezing, upper respiratory tract swelling and diarrhea.
incubation period for influenza and oral in adults
  • Influenza infection is considered to be resistant to environmental influences, so if it is even outside the human body, it will still remain active for seven days. It is important to remember that it is not the flu itself that is scary, but the consequences that may arise after an illness.

Comparative characteristics of influenza and SARS

The incubation period of influenza and ARVI in adults and children has similar and distinctive characteristics. As a rule, the duration of the flu and ARVI is the same. Viral diseases can occur in both mild and severe forms, so the suddenness of symptoms also depends on this.

The flu virus begins to manifest itself very quickly, an infected person needs only 48 hours to experience the first symptoms. With ARVI everything is somewhat different, the first symptoms sometimes appear even two weeks after contact with a sick person.

How to recognize the first symptoms of the virus from others?

The most common form of transmission of the disease is through airborne droplets. The dangerous days are the first days, because at this time the patient is the most infectious.By talking or sneezing, a sick person creates an infected field around himself, and healthy people who inhale the virus become automatically infected. There are several types of flu:

  • Easy. It is considered not as dangerous as all other varieties. Body temperature can rise as high as 38 degrees, a dry cough, weakness in the body, and aching joints appear.
flu incubation period how many days
  • A moderate type of virus, accompanied by an increase in temperature up to 40 degrees, sweating increases, muscle pain appears, a runny nose and cough are added.
  • Severe flu is the most dangerous, body temperature rises to forty degrees. Often, bleeding from the nose, sometimes hallucinations occur.

The incubation period for influenza in children can be long. As a rule, a weak children's body experiences weakness and residual symptoms for another three weeks. It is especially dangerous if a pregnant woman gets the flu. It is enough to take precautions to try to protect yourself:

  • Do not get too close to a person who already has symptoms of the disease.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after talking to a sick person.
  • Doing flu vaccination as a preventive measure.

It is important to remember that people who constantly strengthen their immune systems are least exposed to colds.

How to protect yourself from flu and SARS?

After the influenza incubation period is determined, care should be taken for at least ten days. To prevent the virus from spreading to other people, it is recommended to follow simple rules:

  • With the arrival of the first cold, you need to think about how to vaccinate against influenza. This is not to say that this will give full confidence that a person will not get sick, but with a strong immune system, it is possible to overcome the disease with minimal consequences for the body.
influenza incubation period
  • A mandatory rule is hygiene for the flu. If it is impossible to avoid communication with a sick person, you should communicate in a gauze mask and wash your hands more often.
  • You can strengthen the immune system with the help of vitamin C.
  • As a preventive measure, doctors recommend the use of antiviral medications.

You should not treat the disease of influenza and ARVI with skepticism, since with the wrong treatment there is a risk of serious complications.

First measures for treating flu

As a rule, the infection primarily affects the nasal mucosa, so a runny nose appears. Experts recommend in this case to use special antiseptics to rinse the throat and nose. Gargling at the first sign of the flu should be done constantly, at least you should do it three times a day.

To date, there are a huge number of different drugs that help reduce the number of days of the incubation period of the flu to a minimum. The patient himself is easier to tolerate all the symptoms.

incubation period of influenza in children

He needs to provide complete rest, bed rest and proper nutrition.

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