What is the highest bridge in the world?

In the modern world there are many different structures. Among them are towers, beautiful houses, monuments, monuments and, of course, bridges. The latter are among the most important strategic structures in any country. For a long time the bridges were low and almost always only wooden. However, now engineers are able to create structures of any design and height: rail, suspended and ordinary.

The highest bridge in the world

The viaduct is located near the city of Millau. It is believed that this is the highest bridge in the world. France is very proud of him. The bridge structure passes through a picturesque place - the valley of the river Tarn. The transport bridge provides an opportunity to easily overcome the path from Paris straight to the city of Beziers. Before its creation, it was very difficult to get into Beziers. Citizens had to go on the highway number 9. At the end of August there was always a high traffic traffic, which contributed to large traffic jams, which sometimes dragged on for tens of kilometers.Not only the French, but also many tourists from other neighboring countries ride it. Most often, for example, from Spain. Tourists choose the Millau viaduct, because it follows almost straight, and travel on it is free.

the highest bridge in the world

Bridge maker

The creator is the famous French master Michel Virlozho. He and the creation of the viaduct was engaged in the development of bridges. For example, the famous Normandy bridge, which is the second in length after the Millau viaduct, was also built by the talented master Virlozho.

The bridge was constructed in 2004. Its highest point is 345 meters. So, we can rightly say about the Millau viaduct: “The highest bridge in the world”.

the highest bridge in the world is france

Highest railway bridge

The builders of bridges did not bypass the side and railways for goods and passenger flights. Thus, the highest railway bridge in the world is being built in India. In length, it will be 1320 meters, and in height - almost 360 meters. This facility will pass through the magnificent Chenab River in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The initiator of the construction was the Minister of Railways of India. According to him, the construction of the bridge will save a lot of time and money for the transportation of goods and passengers.Its construction will take almost 100 million US dollars. Engineers promise that it will be ready by 2016 and will be able to serve at least 120 years. Its construction is necessary, as it will link the two counties of the country. Without it, getting from the Jammu region to the Baramulla region is very difficult. So, the railway bridge over the Chenab River is the second highest bridge in the world and the first among the railway ones.

the highest railway bridge in the world

Highest suspension bridge

So, the next tallest bridge in the world is a suspended structure in Japan.

The Akashi-Kaike bridge is famous for being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest suspension bridge in the world. This facility is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above the gorgeous Akashi Strait. The Akashi-Kaike bridge structure can withstand winds up to 80 meters per second. The strait of Akashi connects the city of Kobe and the city of Awaji. Also the highest suspension bridge in the world Akashi is one of the three highways between the islands of Honshu and Shikoku.

Akashi-Kaike suspension bridge has a total length of almost four thousand meters. For operation it was opened in 1998. They began to build it back in 1988. The reason for its construction is very tragic.The thing is that before the appearance of the bridge, the people of Japan had to sail on the ferry. But this strait was often subject to severe storms. Thus, in 1955, two large ferries hit a violent storm. As a result, almost 200 children died. After this terrible tragedy, the authorities decided to build a structure. However, the construction of the highest bridge in the world began only 30 years later, in 1988. For 10 years he was completely ready.

It is worth noting the high professionalism of engineers, because to build such a large-scale structure in this strait is not only difficult, but also very dangerous. However, experts have completely coped with their task. Now, in a short period of time, residents can absolutely safely overcome the moody Akashi Channel.

world's tallest suspension bridge

So, in the age of complex constructions, high-level professionals do everything to make our way easier and safer while traveling.

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