What is the core?

The word “core” means the core of something that is in the shape of a ball. However, the meaning of this concept may be different, depending on the area in which it is applied. So, in mathematics, biology, computer science and other fields, the core can characterize different things. In this article we will talk about what is the core and how this concept is used in different areas.

Core in biology

In biology, the concept of “core” can also have different meanings. First of all, from the course of botany we must know that this is the name of the core of the seeds or fruits, which is placed in the shell. In addition, the core is also called the inner part of a tree trunk, although in this case the term “core wood” is often used.

In neurophysiology, this term describes the accumulation of gray matter in a particular area of ​​the central nervous system, which is responsible for the implementation of certain functions.

It should be said about such a thing as a cell nucleus, which is a component of a cell that contains genetic information, that is, DNA molecules.It performs the most important functions of storing and transmitting hereditary information. It is in the cell nucleus that this material also functions and reproduces.

Core in computer science

Today, such a concept as the core of the operating system is quite common. It refers to the central part of the OS, which gives applications access to computer memory, processor time, external devices and hardware. As a rule, the operating system kernel provides network protocol and file system services. Read our article on how to flash the core.

Sometimes you can come across a term such as the core of a microprocessor, which has different definitions. It can mean the component of the processor in which the main functional blocks are located, or the part that executes one command flow. It is important to note that multi-core processors are equipped with several cores, which allows them to execute several threads in parallel and simultaneously. The concept of a microprocessor core can also mean a set of parameters by which it is characterized.This kernel, as a rule, has its own name or code. Read more on this topic in our article How many cores are in a processor.

Other meanings

In nuclear physics, there is the concept of “atomic nucleus”, which defines the central part of the atom. It is in this part that its main mass is concentrated. The atomic nucleus consists of neutral neutrons and positively charged protons, coupled by a powerful interaction. Such nuclei are often called nuclides.

Another term - the core of the Earth, implies the central part of our planet, which can also be called the geosphere. The core of the Earth is subdivided into internal and external. The inner core is often called solid, and the outer - liquid.

The core of a comet is its hard part. It has a relatively small size. Such a core consists of cosmic dust, ice and volatile compounds in the form of methane, carbon and others. Some studies argue that the comet's core may consist of iron, stone, or a mixture of them.

There is also the concept of "sports core", which refers to a sports equipment in the form of a metal ball, designed to push.

The cannonball is an ancient artillery shell, which is a spherical body. Cannonballs are among the first projectiles that were used in firearms. They were used for the destruction of wooden structures and the destruction of living enemy forces.

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